Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Think I'm in LOVE!

Okay. Those of you who know me at all are aware that I would rather sit on my tail and shop online than gather from within myself the will to dress myself and my children, compile all the "going-out" stuff and the stroller and haul myself out to any store. Seriously. I'd buy groceries online if I wasn't so embarrassed about how lazy that makes me sound (yes, I've looked into it).

As such, I often peruse my favorite websites and hit them up when the things I want go on sale. For example, last week I finally got a Land's End coat I've had my eye on for months, because now it's 50% off.

Anyway, the last few days I've been poking around Children's Place (one of only a few places I know of that sell pants with adjustable waistbands for the child who continues to grow up but not out). They have a bunch of stuff on clearance, so yesterday I sorted through all the things I have for Wyatt and Jana and settled on what they still need so we're all ready for the next growth spurt. I had a blast, because everything I got was at least 40% below the normal price. As I was checking out, I decided on a whim to google "Children's Place coupons." Lo and behold, I find this random website with an online code to enter- I tried it and it worked!


So in addition to everything being on sale, I got an extra 15% off the total. *sweet* And since CP only charges $5 shipping no matter how much you spend, I totally cleaned up! All in all, I got Wyatt 3 shirts, 6 pants, a suit, a pair of shoes, 2 little sweaters, a hat and 2 pairs of jammies, and for Jana I got a dress, a sweater, 3 shirts, a hat and 2 pairs of jammies.

Here's a little sampling of the cute stuff I got (I'm SO excited to take pictures of the kids in the matching dress and sweater vest!!!):

For those of you interested, here's the aforementioned website:

They have a bunch of stores you can choose to look for coupons for. As I said, I think I'm in love!

One of these days I'll post more family pictures, but here's some of the kids when we went to Blast Off! the other day. Poor quality cell phone pix, so I doctored them up a little. :)

I love this one- even when he's sleepy he just keeps playing!

We hope you're all well and happy! We are nigh unto ecstasy over the nice weather, I've even bought the seeds for this year's garden- the plan is to plant a salsa garden and make and can some delicious salsa this fall. Yipee!

Love love love and Gringo's chips and salsa (second best after Dad's homemade),


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have had a few genius ideas the past few days. Here they are:

1. I'm going to make a new air freshener flavor. Not strawberries and cream, but strawberries and bleach. I had strawberries in the dehydrator the other night, and had just mopped the kitchen floor and man, I could have sat in there for hours just sniffing the air. It smelled clean AND yummy. The major marketing problem is that nobody would buy it but me. I'll have to figure that out.

2. I am going to make picture books of my kids during these years when they are all cute and little, along with stories of funny things they did and said. The genius idea is that I will make TWO copies of each. One for them to have and look at, and one for me to review when I want to strangle them (one day they will be 16 and 14, and I suspect my biggest problems won't be crayon marks on the kitchen floor anymore...)

3. I am going to be extra grateful to a very special mommy I know whose family is so dear to me it about makes my heart burst. Her kids are sweet and funny and have golden hearts, and when we are around them they are SO cute with my kids. How I love them, and to be with them! I know I have some trying and busy years ahead of me, but I have seen an example of how to make everything work and come out with a family still intact with tons of happy memories to sustain through the tough times. I remember my teenage years being hard, but I had no idea what I put my parents through. I'm starting to understand a little more now- and my genius idea is to be SO glad I have someone so close who I can learn from and be prepared for what's to come!

4. I'm going to stop at Albertson's on my way home from work tomorrow, and buy a box of donuts. If there was a Krispy Kreme in this tiny town, I'd go there, but alas Hostess is the best I can do for now!

See? I'm a genius. But I think I'll just keep being a mommy and a nurse while I wait for the White House to call me to save the world.