Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy Moving

Even though I had time enough to prepare for the move, it still caught me off guard and was crazy. However, the more people I talk to about it, the more I am learning that no matter how prepared you are, moving is still crazy.

For those of you who are wondering, here's a little timeline:

April 1- Lee hears a rumor at work.
April 2- Lee's boss tells him he's a great employee... and he can either be demoted or go back to work at the old Stone's. We later meet with Sgt Smith, Army recruiter.
April 5- Lee quits Stone's, because neither option can actually work.
April 6- Melody notifies her boss that she'll be leaving at the end of the month.
April 7- We pray a LOT and go to the temple. We decide to join the Army.
April 8- We discuss plans with Melody's parents, decide to live with them until Lee gets his first assignment.
April 9- Melody gets a call for a job at St. Mark's Hospital.
April 12- Melody interviews and is offered a job on L&D at St. Mark's. She accepts.
April 13-24 We madly clean, pack, pull off wallpaper, paint, paint, paint, paint, and clean more.
April 26- List the house for sale. Lee takes the ASVAB and does very well.
April 27- Celebrate 8th anniversary by doing nothing at all. Yay!
April 29- Melody officially leaves good old MMH.
May 5- Lee has an Army Officer board review. He scores as high as possible.
May 6- We rent a moving van and fill it up.
May 7- We clean the now-empty house and drive to Salt Lake.
May 8- Unload the van and start unpacking.
May 10- Mel starts her new job.

*whew!* Sister Hinckley said, "There are some years in our lives that we would not want to live again. But even these years will pass away, and the lessons learned will be a future blessing." That's pretty much how I feel about April-May 2010. I'm not sorry I lived them at ALL, but I don't want to live them again! And hopefully the future blessing will be a Melody better prepared for the next time we move.

We will find out tomorrow if the Army accepts Lee's application, and what will happen next. Another Ambien tonight? Oh yes.

And a little photographic Catch-Up:

Wyatt was the first to get his basket on Easter. He seemed pleased. :)

Jana went straight to work on her jelly beans.

Mommy went to bed shortly after this picture was taken.

Putting the new Easter shovel to work!

One afternoon last fall, Wyatt decided to pull some wallpaper off the kitchen wall. He got into BIG trouble. When we were debating how to make the house look better to sell, we decided to paint the kitchen. Wyatt was thrilled to pull off wallpaper without a spanking to follow.

Ever wonder if you might be Moving and just don't know it? Here's a few ways to tell if Moving is happening to you:

Baby has a delicious macaroon cookie... for dinner.

Toddler enjoys a macaroon and a cherry-chocolate Creamie... for dinner (I can't stop laughing at that face he's making).

They have cookies... for dinner... in the front room.

Here's why. Kitchen: KABOOM!

(It turned out nice, though.)

Your 3 year-old goes 4-wheeling alone (unless you count Lovey, Minnie and Mickey).

(He didn't get too far.)

And your dog will find ways to entertain himself while you pack.

And you'll take trailer after trailer full of things to the dump and/or D.I.

And your husband will sell all his tools, only to have car trouble immediately after.

And you'll baby-gate the kids into their room while you pack and clean.

And they'll long to go play outside...

(...and they'll long to be tall enough to look out the window.)

So beware of Moving! It will sneak up on you with no warning!


I would like to say something like "it won't be two months before I post again" but that's a pie-crust promise (thanks, Mary Poppins). However, I will say that I hope you are all well and I am grateful for everyone who helped us during that somewhat traumatic month! In spite of how the circumstance may appear, I am very grateful that things have gone the way they did, because in my heart I feel like we're starting the next chapter of our lives and we'll be blessed for seeking out and following the path the Lord would have us on. And so we will.

Lots and lots of love and banana Creamies,

Melody & Co.