Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tragedy Strikes!

We have had some unfortunate events in Andersonland of late.

For example, today Wyatt got his first bee sting. At least, I'm guessing that's what it was. I was sitting on the porch not 10 feet away, and he suddenly starting screaming. I would have taken a picture, but from sting time 2 hours ago until now, it can hardly be seen. Thank goodness he seems to have my lack of allergy to bee stings! But to hear his pain-filled squeal, and subsequent declarations that he could not play on the swing anymore or even eat his popsicle because ...[dramatic pause]..."I have an owie, and I don't feel much good" was a legitimate tragedy.

My tragedy is silly, but I went to the doctor yesterday to have my Overseas Screening done (basically a physical to make sure you're not too screwed up to go live in a foreign country on America's dime. They said I'm good to go. *relief*), and when I stepped on the scale I was sad. I have gained almost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. The absence of a picture here is deliberate. I am starting a new routine and new eating habits to see if I can part ways with that. I have been under a fair amount of stress, but frankly, I don't foresee my stressors decreasing anytime soon, so I need to learn to live with stress and still keep a healthy weight. Tragedy, indeed.

And lastly, the true tragedy.

So sad.

Pink Lovey is...lost.

(*weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth*)

Jana is sad about it, but I am devastated. See why?

Wyatt and Daddy and I picked out Pink Lovey before Jana was even born (this picture was about 2 weeks before her debut). I remember hoping she would love it as much as Wyatt had loved his.

She did.

Pink Lovey has gone everywhere with us- sacrament meeting, trips to the library, airplane rides, you name it.

I know she had it on our walk Sunday afternoon, and I haven't seen it since. Both the Loveys have had occasional disappearances over the past few years, but they ALWAYS turn up within a day or two. Day Four of no Pink Lovey, and Jana is really sad about it. In fact, she walked over and saw me posting these pictures and in her sad, sweet little voice asked, "Mommy, can I have that Pink Lovey? Please? Can I please have my Pink Lovey?"

I thank Toy Story for all my imagination's conjurings of poor Pink Lovey out in the rain, all alone, wondering where we went and how we could forget her.

The saddest part is that after scouring the internet from Amazon to eBay and everywhere in between, an identical replacement is not to be found. I feel like we're missing a little family member. Boo hoo...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lesson of the Day

Today's lesson?


Remember last post when I sarcastically commented that I wanted to move 2200 miles again at the end of the summer? Well, to be honest I was secretly hoping to NOT travel that far. I guess someone somewhere took me literally though, because the next move is not fewer miles, it's more.

A LOT more.

Lee's new orders are to Korea. In case you didn't feel like Googling it, I already did. From Richmond, Virginia to Seoul, South Korea is just over seven thousand miles. And that's the short route going west!

We are all going, and he has to report by November 1st.

And you know what? I am THRILLED!

Granted, I am a little worried about the details, of course- but this is something we would never have done just on our own. I am excited for the experiences ahead for our whole family, this is going to be such a great adventure. I'm trying not to think too much about all the people we're going to miss, but it's only for two years (!) and visitors would be sooo welcome!

Lee has a briefing on Friday and we'll know more then. And probably start packing then, too. :)