Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funny Honey

Lee has many, many talents. I am frequently surprised by the things he knows how to do, and how quickly he learns new things. But of all his talents, one of my very favorites is how he can make me laugh, even when I'm mad.

For example, I was feeling little picked on because Lee was sitting in the front room watching TV while I, barefoot and pregnant, was in the kitchen washing dishes (a side note: he worked from 8 until 6, then trimmed and mowed both lawns, and helped me put Wyatt to bed- it's the first time he's sat down ALL DAY). Feeling slightly stung and unappreciated, and never being one to let my feelings go unnoticed, this conversation ensued:

Melody: "Lee, I need to be loved and recognized."

Lee: "I love you. ...And I recognize you. (smirking) I see you right there!"
[smart alec!]

Melody (laughing): "Even though I'm laughing, now I'm mad!"

Lee goes back in the front room, and Melody yells after him: "I need to hear some words!"
[I always tell him I need to hear some words when I'm fishing for specific words, i.e.: "I love you." or "Thank you, honey." Lee knows this well.]

Lee (quiet for a second while he thinks of some words...):

[At this point Melody waddles off to the bathroom before her laughter makes a mess.]

I know I take myself too seriously sometimes, and I'm so glad I have a husband who just keeps things funny instead of getting annoyed or offended when I tell him how hard my life is when his day was probably way worse.

So Lee- thank you. And glove, jump, sandwich, moose. (I love you, too!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid Insomnia.

I can't tell for sure if it's because I've been down in this weird funk lately, or if it's because I'm 33 weeks pregnant, or perhaps it's more of the same working-full-time-nights thing- but I am a raging insomniac! I was on call last night, and even though I really tried to sleep it just wasn't in the cards. When Lee got up to get ready for work I begged him to feed Wyatt breakfast and everything before he left so I could sleep in a little. Sweet Lee that he is, he did- and I STILL COULDN'T SLEEP! So what do you do? Blog!

I don't have to work tonight, so maybe I'll bust out the Unisom and try to get some good sleep...and then I'll try for being a real wife and mommy tomorrow. Today I'll be a zombie wife and mommy. Again. :)

A few little pictures:

When I'm feeling brave, I let Wyatt tackle goopy foods all on his own- here he goes to town on some vanilla pudding.


Didn't your mother teach you not to say "Cheese!" with your mouth full? No?

Our Baby Ham

I took these at about 1:30 this morning. If I can't sleep, at least I find something comforting about watching my beast sleep.

Looks so comfy! I was jealous.

I came across this from last January, and decided that I am glad it's still summer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Few More

Lee's work party was at the Bar-J Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole the other night. We had a nice meal- but we missed the show because Wyatt came unglued and I started contracting, so we decided to go home early. We did catch some pictures of a beautiful full moon rising over the Grand Tetons, though. And Wyatt was being a hilarious cheese the whole way home because he was so tired!

He was totally crying when I took the camera out, and as soon as I pointed it at him, here comes a huge grin. Funny Wyatt!

Full moon over the Tetons.

I was glad I wasn't working that night, because a full moon really does bring out the crazies.

Laughing and being silly again!

Wyatt was totally cracking up whenever I went "Eee!" Notice towards the end he tries to do it too, but makes himself laugh too hard. It's not a great video, it was already dark out, but still pretty funny.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little Playtime

We are already back in the groove of work and seems like vacations are never really long enough!

Lee is still working and enjoying his job, I am still working and wishing work weren't quite so hectic, Wyatt is busily engaged in all sorts of baby-work (stacking blocks, pushing the broom around, climbing the furniture, pulling all the wipes out of the box, etc.), Skeeter works to protect our home from strangers, other animals, and most insects, and Baby Jana is working on growing and kicking Mommy a little more each day.

Here's our pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Still smiling after 8 long hours in the car!

I am very, very glad that Wyatt has discovered the world of LOOKING INSIDE books, rather than the recently-departed world of THROWING books.

Lee is getting quite proficient at wake boarding and wake surfing- he's a pretty cool dude.

Wyatt's first time in a lake- the water was too chilly for swimming in his opinion, but wet sand turned out to be all the fun he needed.

Wyatt's cousin Ashleigh was great to play with him lots and lots- she climbed in the playpen and kept him very entertained while we waited for Daddy.

Here's why we were waiting. Poor Daddy. He took the jet ski out for a spin, and the battery died! So he sat there all alone and forlorn, drifting until someone could procure a boat to go tow him in. There he is just drifting along, waiting. I felt bad for him, but he said he really didn't mind.

Wyatt playing on the beach.

Call me silly and sentimental, but this picture makes me a little sad. I have always been aware that these sweet little spirits that come into my home are only mine for a short season, and then they'll be grown and have their own work to do. This picture just reminds me that before long he won't be a tiny baby looking out over the world, but a grown man with important things to accomplish with his life. I am so grateful that the gospel makes it possible to have Wyatt forever, but I'm also grateful for the time I have where he's just my tiny little Muffin Man.

All you have to do is point a camera at him and he'll cheese it up.

Cheese! This is only a small corner of the lake, it is huge and SO pretty!

Once he got over the wind in his face, Wyatt had a wonderful time on the boat- he was laughing and having so much fun.

I held one baby and Lee held the other (ha ha, mine was WAY easier to hold on to!), and we went for Wyatt's first tube ride.

The weather was perfect for outside playing- the very next day the high was only 60-something, so we got lucky!

The ill-fated jet ski strikes again! We thought it was all fixed, so Lee went to take his two nieces for a ride. They didn't get far before it broke down. Since it was much warmer than the other evening, and he figured they didn't want to sit around waiting (like he did), Lee heroically dove in and pushed it back to the dock!

It probably was a great workout.

They made it. Good job, Lee!

We got home to a yard overgrown and a pumpkin patch taking over the rest of the garden!

I put Skeeter in for reference- the plants are huge! I hope the pumpkins are huge, too. :)

Here's the raspberries. Funny story: I was trimming the shoots down (since they were growing up over the fence) while Wyatt was playing on the deck. He'd toddle over and I'd give him a raspberry, and then he'd head back out to play. This happened a few times, until I looked up and I didn't see him anywhere. I called for him, and in response I hear a little voice from the far right side of the bushes say, "YUM." I didn't see him sneak in the garden, but I went around the corner, and there's my boy, popping raspberries in as fast as he can with both hands. He was loving it! It was very cute, but the raspberry diapers later? Not so much.

I'm not exactly sure why dogs like to roll and swim in the grass, but I think it's hilarious.

Kaden came over for a little while the other night, and he and Wyatt had lots of fun. Here they're sharing some Froot Loops, but I was laughing at how comfy Kaden was...laying on the coffee table.

Cute, cute boys.

Another funny story: Kaden was just looking out the window, when all of a sudden he goes, "Da da!" I thought, "Oh his dad must here to get him." Several minutes pass and no dad, so maybe Kaden was just talking? Then the doorbell rings, and Kaden's dad is there, but he said he had to drive by a few times to find the right house. Kaden saw the right car drive past on the street and knew it was his dad! What a smart little guy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SO Tired!

We got back tonight from a wonderful Anderson Family Reunion in Sandpoint, ID, where we had a blast visiting with family and playing on gorgeous Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced "ponderay"). ...But 8 hours in the car with a puppy, a 16 month-old and a crabby 7-months-pregnant chick is TOUGH (poor Lee!). We are glad to be back, although we would have loved to stay another week to play and visit! Pictures to follow, but now we need sleep. Lots of it.

P.S. I didn't take this picture, I pirated it from another website. Pretty, huh?