Monday, August 26, 2013

How Embarrassing!

So, in honor of Wyatt's first day of school today, I pulled out my actual camera instead of just using my phone to click a few pictures. When I got home and looked through them- and consequently glanced through the other photos I still had on there- I was embarrassed. Are these...seriously...from LAST CHRISTMAS?

Yep! So here it is folks, pictures from Christmas 2012 and everything up until today. You know, from the occasions that seemed to me to merit the camera itself and not just the iPhone. There you have it. 

Christmas Eve jammies!

What a difference 3 years makes, right?!

A TRANSFORMERS bike, honestly how could Santa resist?!

Literally loving the new camouflage shirt from Grandma Anderson.

Yay! A toothbrush you can put *stickers* on!

Playing the new Wii Super Mario Bros. game with Daddy

Even ballerina princesses need good hygiene.

I'm just sitting here looking noble.

Anderson family at Admiral Yi's Shrine

This picture illustrates what I see a lot of in my life these days. My two children, running ahead far faster than I can keep up with. So far ahead I can hardly see them. *sigh* Hopefully after baby gets here, I'll be better at keeping up.

...but I doubt it.

The view out our balcony window from our new apartment on post!

I love that the new housing is right on the edge of post so we can still see the rice paddies and feel like we're still in Korea. I am very fond of it here.

Skeeter helping me fold laundry.

An impromptu morning tea party. Their tea, I later discovered, was made of sugar water. Mostly sugar. Very sticky.

Oh, how this girl loves to dress up and dance!

My tough guy. He informs me that when he grows up, he'll go to China to attend Ninja School.

Wyatt and Skeeter.

This is at 27 weeks. This little guy is measuring big, and I really hope he comes a couple weeks early. I am already bigger than I was with Wyatt or Jana when they were born and I still have 9 weeks to go. Yikes!

It's a box.

Full of monkeys.

My favorite monkeys in all the world.

First day of first grade! I can't believe how grown-up he is.

Wyatt and Jana, and of course, a Lovey.

Man, I love this kid.

And here's Jana doing an interpretive dance around the bubble maker.

And that's us. Time to go pick up Wyatt from his first big day.

Hope you are all well and happy!