Saturday, May 16, 2009


Have you heard? The Mars Snackfood company (maker of M&Ms, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Twix and Milky favorites!) is making an effort to draw attention to the use of vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter in their competitor's chocolate. So to help us all gain an insight into the delicious difference of pure cocoa butter, they are GIVING AWAY FREE CHOCOLATE!

Every Friday from now until the end of September, you can log into

and if you're one of the first 250,000 you can receive a coupon for a free chocolate bar. The response was so big last week that today they have increased it to the first 500,000 people to log on. The limit is one coupon per person per week (although some of us might enter our husband's name and e-mail address without his knowledge).

Yum, yum and more yum!

Love love love and free sweet, sweet cocoa butter packed chocolate,


Friday, May 15, 2009

A Little Shout Out

One of my amazing sisters-in-law has started a new blog, and I think it's awesome. As Tami put it: it's a free-for-all forum for ranting, venting, cheering, and praying. Feel free to come and "throw your trash on the floor" as my therapist used to say. You will feel lighter for hooking your burdens to this cyber-yoke so we can all share! Invite whoever you like. There is no judging here, only "I have so been there!"

Here's the link, feel free to visit and post and pass it along to anyone you think would be interested.

Bite-size Oreos,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So, I finally cleaned off my camera and saved all the pictures from the past couple of months. I need to clean off my cell phone camera too, but that will have to wait for another day. So here is what we're doing these days:

Lee- training in earnest for the Teton Dam Marathon, to be followed up 2 weeks after by To Bone and Back. He is handsome and funny and charming and I love him.

Melody- is a little nuts, but she tries hard and we'll give her credit for that.

Wyatt- busy to the extreme. Has taken up piercing screaming as a favorite past time. Loves cars, airplanes, balls- and loves to throw all three at every opportunity. He is hilarious, he talks more and more every day, and I love him.

Jana- is rolling like crazy, and can sit up with minimal help. Loves to laugh at Wyatt and Skeeter and Daddy, is very ticklish. Likes sweet potatoes and bananas best, just like Wyatt did. She is darling and adorable and I love her.

Skeeter- is having a blast chasing all the birds out of our yard, loves to go for walks and runs with me (he did great when we went out for 6 miles and accidentally did 8), and he loves to snuggle. He is helpful and noble and protects us, and I love him.

And pictures:

Wyatt turned 2 on march 22nd. This is the first glimpse he got of his birthday cars.

Way excited about that birthday cupcake. "Oh, YUM!"

I love this little guy.

Opening the cars to play with on the new road rug. Yes, I'm still in my jammies.

I asked him how old he is now, and he was trying so hard to get just two fingers to stay up.

He was having a good time, and I was laughing like a lunatic.

Just playing and laughing. These two have so much fun together!

Smiley Jana

A monumental first at our house: crayon on the kitchen floor! Wyatt pulled a wire drawer out of the microwave stand, filled it with crayons, and pushed it all around the kitchen. Several of them got caught it the wire point down, and as he drove around, they colored the floor. Thank heaven for Mr. Clean magic Erasers!

Easter morning! I couldn't get him to look at the camera, he was WAY too busy.

Oops. Got some Easter grass stuck to my foot.
There are at least 15 jellybeans in his mouth at this point.

Easter Jana!

She couldn't eat any of the candy in her basket, but everyone was willing to pitch in and help.

I couldn't take pictures of everyone else and not snap one of Skeeter! Here's an Easter Beast.

I made Lee take a picture of me to prove I still exist.

Thanks, honey.

Duchess came to stay with us while her family went to Disneyland. I saw them taking a dog nap and thought it was pretty funny.

I remember buying this dress and thinking it would be forever until it fit. Forever went way faster than I thought it would!

This is a regular routine around here. Wyatt will start calling for his boots: "Boots! Where are you boots?" He found them on top of the dresser.

He loves that he can put them on by himself. Skeeter loves when Wyatt puts his boots on too, because it means they can go outside and play. Yay!

I stopped to take a picture to keep from totally losing my temper! I went in the other room for about 3 minutes, and came back to cheese slices and milk on one side of the highchair, bologna pieces and milk on the other side, grapes and milk spread over the tray, and a fair amount of milk in his hair. *sigh* At least he was happy about it.

She has the softest little kissy-cheeks ever. I cant get enough of kissing her!

Hope you're all doing well! Lots of love and a delicious ham quiche,

M,L,W,J and S