Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Move

I am not in a wonderful mood today.

And rather than make the crabby, irritated post that was on the tip of my...fingers, I will just post the pictures from the big drive. You know, since we'll be repeating it in reverse in about 9 weeks. It's one little thing off of my Meaning To Do List. Emotionally, I need a win in the "done" column since my HAVE To Do List got really long suddenly (the timer for a lot of arranging of international travel is ticking much more rapidly than I formerly knew *grumble*).

So, here's to small victories in the form of a herd of pictures. Yay!

The Beginning: Getting on I-80 East in Salt Lake



Illinois somewhere (Illinois was pretty much underwater)

As for the rest of these, they are all from among the following choices: Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, or Virginia. I was mostly watching that big yellow Penske truck hauling the red Toyota pickup. For 5 solid days.

Wretched West Virginia toll roads!

And this was the morning after we arrived. Pretty much sums up how we all felt- crazy... eating cold cereal out of a paper bowl with our fingers up our noses!

And this was in Yellowstone over Memorial Day Weekend. If you're wondering if I miss Idaho and its ridiculously cold weather- yes. Yes, I do.

And here's the beast, because he's just noble and handsome.

And my kids, because I think they're cute.

What is it that makes me feel unaccomplished if things like blogs and scrapbooks go without attention? Add in dishes and laundry, folding and ironing, sweeping and mopping and dusting, finding meaningful scripture time, changing sheets and scrubbing toilets and washing children and animals, paying bills and cooking meals, making time for stories and songs and hide-and-seek, and the incredible guilt that piles up with each day the treadmill goes un-run on... Ugh. I am feeling a little overwhelmed today.

But I'm not gonna lie, knowing my blog is updated makes me feel a teeny bit better!