Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ready for Christmas!

I've never been so ready for Christmas in my life! And no, don't misunderstand me. I am not prepared for the holiday- it's just that December 15th cannot come fast enough. Interestingly, after that New Year's cannot come slowly enough. *sigh*

Here's a few recent pix:

This was taken a couple of days ago while the soldiers were out doing their FTX3- the last big field training before the end of basic. I feel like I should track down whoever took this and send them cookies. It has done good things for my heart to see my favorite teasing about-to-smile look on his face. How I've missed that boy.

My friend Amber came and took some pictures for us a few weeks ago, and they are so cute. Thanks again, Amber!

I had a great date night with Wyatt last night- we went to IHOP and he picked what he wanted to eat, we went to TJ Maxx and checked out all the fun stuff in the toy department, and then we went and saw Tangled, complete with candy, popcorn and drinks. We had a great time, even though he fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth halfway through the movie. I sure love this little muffin.

I often wonder what I ever did without these two. I must have been constantly bored!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your holiday preparations. I have tried hard to be on top of things this year- the shopping is almost done, but the wrapping yet looms over me. *groan* Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...Can Melody Really Pull This Off Before December 15th???

Lots of love and a box of Gourmet Dog Cookies that look so tempting I might just try one,

Melody & Co.