Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pictures. Lots of them.

Here we go again!

Christmas is a week from today, and I am happy to report that I have only stocking stuffers (read: many bags of candy) left to get and I'll be all ready! I confess I've really enjoyed not being exhausted and trying to squeeze in shopping trips before and after I work all night this year. Part of me is ready to get back to work and start assembling what will be our new permanent routine, but part of me kind of wants to just stay in blissful limbo a little longer. I have a ton to get done tonight before Lee gets off work, so naturally I put it all on hold to play on my blog. :)

Our little family is doing great. Lee is working hard as ever, and we are excited to have Christmas to spend together! I am hanging on still, and am glad that the good days are starting to outnumber the not-good days. Wellbutrin, I salute you.

Wyatt is so busy, and even though I occasionally get upset with some of his activities (a third of a jar of Vaseline smeared on his face, an entire sippy cup of orange juice in his hair, Christmas ornaments in my pots and pans, squeezing exfoliating foot scrub into his mouth, somehow scheduling new timers on the DVR...I could go on), I am just in love with this little guy. He is talking more and more, and loves to sing. Anytime he hears a noise, he tries to imitate it- it's hilarious when the microwave or oven timers beep, because it's immediately followed by Wyatt squeaking, "Beeeeeeet!"

Jana rolled over twice today! She is smiling more and only has the occasional rough night- for the most part we have a sweet routine going and I have planned it carefully these past two months to make sure it will mesh with my work/sleep schedule. I think we'll be in good shape for a little while, but as Wyatt is getting older and is down to 1 nap a day, I am seriously considering hiring someone to come to our house and stay with my munchkins from 8-noon on some mornings after I work so I can get a little rest. If there's anything I've learned since Jana was born, it's that sleep deprivation is a very effective way to unravel your sanity in a jiffy. So if anyone knows someone who might be interested...

Skeeter is such a good boy. After Lee and Wyatt are asleep and Jana has done her last feeding and is settling down, I love to just sit and scratch his ears and let my mind process the day and wind down (and wait for the Ambien to kick in). I'm sure it sounds silly, but my dog has been a wonderful help to me during the rough patches. He rarely asks for anything (a bowl of water or a milk bone- I can handle those things!), he cleans up lots of the kids' messes without even having to be asked, and he is overjoyed about every tiny thing I do for him. If I lose my temper and get angry, he has forgiven and forgotten before my tirade is even over. He doesn't judge my odd behaviors, he just likes me however I happen to be. It's sappy, I know, but looking back over the past months, I feel very lucky to have him. Thanks, Skeeter. Good dog.

All right, down to business. I apologize in advance, there are a million of these. Again.

Putting up the tree!

Don't make me hold still, I have decorating to do!

Oops. Wyatt got a sticky ant trap stuck to him- it was covering the zipper of his jammies, and the darn trap worked so well I had to tear the fabric to get them off of him. Too bad, those jammies went in the garbage!

I guess I should get used to only having lights and non-breakable ornaments on the bottom half of my tree for the next decade or so.

Ah, the hard work's done- time for a drink!

I was folding laundry in the bedroom and Wyatt was playing with some toys. He ran away and didn't come back- after a minute or so, I went looking for him. I found him in the middle of the kitchen table, investigating the candy dish.


He got the end of the wrapper off, and apparently that was sufficient.

I guess he thought it looked like Jana was having a good time, so he tried out her swing. It made me laugh, because you can't reach the button to turn the swing on from inside it. He first turned the swing on, then climbed in and pulled the tray down. And this is how I found him, sucking his thumb and resting while the swing rocked away. He is exclusively a right-thumb, left-ear guy.

Wyatt loves the musical (very loud) Frosty the Snowman. Daddy doesn't. Frosty is no longer on display.

A beautiful snowy night featuring Lee's fancy Christmas lights- as taken from the doorway. If I ever get the guts to brave the cold at night, I'll take better pictures!

I like Skeeter's face! I took this today to document the beginning of our Snow Dune- resulting from the wind coming through our yard just right. We get it on that side of the house every year, and it will be around until next March at least. Last year it got so tall that you could just walk over the fence!

I had never seen this before I moved to Rexburg. The snow gets wind patterns, just like sand dunes.

Breaking in his first pair of snow boots!

You know how when you blow in a dog's face, they pin their ears back and gasp? The blustery wind was doing it to Skeeter, and it made me laugh.

The poor birdbath, all full of snow.

Whoops. I guess there was a pumpkin still sitting on the deck from Halloween.

Sweet smiles!

My Muffin Man

Many of you have heard me whimper about how Wyatt rarely says "mommy," but"Skee-ah" was one of his first words. As his vocabulary has grown, I am more amazed at how much of it centers around the dog. All day Wyatt says phrases like, "don't lick, go lay down, good boy, wanna go outside?, beast dog, woof woof!" I am secretly pleased that I have inadvertently taught my son to be a true dog-lover.
Congratulations on surviving yet another of my monster posts! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and lots of yummy goodies to make the New Year weight-loss resolution worth it! We hope you get a chance to really enjoy the season and take a moment to remember what a wonderful miracle Christmas celebrates!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Big Update

I always tell myself I won't do these ginormous updates with a million pictures, but it just seems to work out that way every single time. *sigh* Hope you don't mind terribly. I figured I'd better do this all at once, since very soon life will be cheerfully consumed with shopping and wrapping and decorating and eating more than I should!

Lee is great, and is the best Daddy and husband we could ever want. I had a wonderful time in Houston but missed all my boys. So now I'm home and I miss my Mommy and Daddy instead. Wyatt is a barrel of monkeys, and is hilarious. Jana is almost 10 pounds now and is our darling princess. Wyatt will climb up on the recliner to peek in her bassinet and say "Hi, sis!" It's very sweet. How I love my little family!
I like to give credit where credit is due, so to my responsible remembers-to-bring-her-camera sister, thank you for giving me copies of your pictures!

Here comes show and tell:

Jana was all smiles one morning, so I laid her on a blanket and tried to take some pictures. Skeeter wasn't having that, he wanted to lay by her and keep her safe.

Skeeter, go lay down!

Penitent, but won't budge away from his baby.

Skeeter and his Jana

Jana's blessing day- this was the dress I was blessed in almost exactly 27 years ago.

Our blessing just after her blessing!

Anderson family

I repeatedly explained to 5 year-old Stanze that baby Jana isn't old enough to play with toys yet, not even baby toys. She didn't believe me.

Wyatt LOVES to try on everyone else's shoes!

In the Salt Lake airport before leaving for Dallas. Can you tell I only slept 2 hours the night before?

Outside the Mission Office with Elder Grandpa and Sister Grammy!

One of the elders drew this, I thought it was hilarious.

A small part of the downtown Houston skyline.

We went to Galveston one day, and the island is still in recovery from Hurricane Ike two months ago. This picture shows the seawall (about 13 feet) and the stones that used to be under the sand of a beach. All the sand washed away with the flooding.

It's amazing the damage that wind and water can do. While we were leaving Galveston we passed a whole parking lot filled with washers, dryers, refrigerators, and lots of other large appliances that can't be repaired after such significant water damage.

I think this used to be a restaurant. It was so sobering to realize how quickly so many people lost everything.

This hotel has whole pieces of it missing after the hurricane.

All over Galveston and clear up into Houston we saw these blue tarps, covering damaged section of roofs. They were everywhere!

The day we went to the Houston temple was beautiful, and it was so fun to see summer flowers blooming in November.

Jana eating outside the Houston temple

Grammy took over the feeding so Mommy could go take pictures!

Melody outside the Houston temple.

Melody, Grammy, Jana and Grandpa

I had actually never seen a real Texas Longhorn before. Their horns are really long!

We had a chick flick party the night before we went home. I'm sure Jana will grow to love these like I do (especially once she is old enough for chocolate!).
I hope all your holiday preparations go smoothly and bring you the peace and happiness that make this time of year so fun. We are grateful for our families and friends, and wish you a wonderful treat-filled and love-filled Christmas!