Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still Kickin'

Well... here I am at 37.4 weeks, and while there is no baby on the outside yet, I have a suspicion this little girl won't wait until October 14th. In fact, I don't even know if she'll wait until our induction- scheduled for October 9th-although that would be nice, because it would allow Mommy's maternity leave to extend all the way to January 2nd. If not, we'll go back to work before then, and regardless, we'll be glad to get our baby Jana! As we speak, the washer is running with the last of the 0-3 month things, plus the car seat and bassinet linings. After those are ready, she can come any time.

While the pregnancy is wearing on Mommy, I think it's starting to wear out Daddy too. He is so great to help with Wyatt, and he even fixed us all dinner tonight (YUM). Even so, I think it's hard for him to work all day every day and come home to an incapacitated wife and a slightly crabby baby and a wound-up puppy. We ALL just need to hang in there a little longer!

When Mommy's too tired to do anything at all, this is what happens: a cup of Teddy Grahams, a sippy cup of water, and a Baby Einsteins movie on the "repeat play" setting. And of course, we're still in our jammies.

The other day I heard a little voice from the nursery: "No, Wyatt. No!" I immediately went to investigate- and found him on his toes on the edge of a crib like a balance beam, his bib on backwards like a cape, and the thermostat cranked up to 90. Grinning from ear to ear.

In case you were wondering, there's the missing "W" from the last picture. He has a long reach!

This was during lunch the other day- Wyatt was being so cute counting all his little pieces of bread, "One...two...THREE!!!" He wouldn't do it anymore once I got the camera out, but it's still kind of cute- Wyatt's Grammy hasn't seen him in a while, so here he is in action! :) He only squeals this much when he's really excited.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Up!

It's a rainy, quiet Saturday morning. Wyatt is napping, Skeeter is sleeping under the computer desk here, and Daddy went in to work on a project car. So here I am, with my peppermint tea, all ready to catch up!

Lately Wyatt likes to put on Skeeter's collar (we call it his "jingle"). It's funny because I'll hear a jingling in the front room, and then Skeeter comes looking for me with this martyred expression on his face, like he's saying "Mom! Wyatt took my jingle again!"

I was a tornado-sleeper as a child. Apparently Wyatt is too- not only is he buried in stuffed animals, but the crib sheet is pulled off and all wadded into the corner.

Is he reciting Shakespeare to his macaroni and cheese?

Skeeter and Wyatt

He also really likes to play with the broom these days.

I was sorting out the 0-3 month things for Jana, and Wyatt found the pink Lovey we got for her (Wyatt has a blue one). He immediately started breaking it in for her- what a good big brother! Notice he's wearing Skeeter's collar again.

Mommy and Skeeter (and Jana, but she's a little harder to see...)

This just makes me laugh. What is that face?!?

I love the head-tilt dogs do when they hear a funny noise.

If it's even sort of round, it's a "ball."

Skeeter enjoys a snack of a paper towel with Poptart crumbs on it.

Huh. I guess he was full.

Wyatt helping Daddy mow the lawn.

We went to the Gardens up on campus a couple of weeks ago and our friend Monica took a bunch of family pictures for us. Wyatt was not in a very good mood, but they still turned out really cute. Thanks, Monica!

Ha ha, Crabby Wyatt!

Wyatt, Mommy and Daddy

Handsome Beast

Wyatt was, of course, much happier running free.

Wyatt has Pyper eyes- he reminds of my brothers and Dad in this picture.

Daddy and Wyatt
There's not much else new in AndersonLand. We are just hanging in there, counting the days until Jana comes! We hope you are all well and happy, and are very grateful to have the wonderful friends and family that we do. Lots of love and delicious spaghetti squash (mmm...I know what I'm having for dinner tonight)!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So very pregnant...

We're on the home stretch! Just 3 and a half weeks to go. I have grand plans of updating our blog sometime, I have lots of cute pictures that Monica took for us plus a few funny ones of Wyatt's latest antics. However, the golden summation of time+energy+inclination has yet evaded me. I'll get there, though!
Hope you're all well and enjoying summer's last little fling before the cold! More to come, but in the meantime I wish you a nice slice of homemade bread with butter and honey and a hot cup of peppermint tea to go with these crisp almost-fall mornings!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have had a lot to reflect on today. I remember still exactly where I was standing and what I was doing when I first heard about the attacks on September 11, 2001. I remember the weather that day and the things I was thinking, and I remember watching on live news coverage with absolute horror as the World Trade Center towers fell. It's been hard to watch everything that's unfolded since then, and to have our nation at war. So today, I can't help feeling gratitude for all the sacrifices so many have given for us, and feeling my own gratitude that my own loved ones have been blessed to come home again.
I am curious to see what the future holds for our nation- with the elections and the economy and global warming (so I hear- this has been the coolest summer I ever remember in Idaho!) and oil prices, there is a lot that could happen. And yet, I know that this land is so blessed, and really is a land of promise. How grateful I am to live here, to have food to eat and clean water to drink and a home and a job and my sweet little family. I hope I never take for granted the things I've been blessed with- including our wonderful nation and all those who protect it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apparently Autumn

To those of you in Blogland who are enjoying balmy tropical climates (you KNOW who you are!), I am quite jealous of you- more so tonight than usual. We had snow and chilly temperatures clear until May this year. As if the late start on summer wasn't insult enough, we are on freeze warning tonight! It's the first day of September for crying out loud! I am not quite ready for it to get cold.


Oh well. Picture time!

Apparently drinking while dancing comes naturally to some. I can't even SIT and drink successfully, so he didn't get it from me!

Wyatt's first Wendy's Kids Meal. Chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate milk.
He was very happy.

He got a real kick out of dipping his fries and nuggies in the ranch. As I watched though, I realized he dipped the same fry about 8 times and just sucked off the ranch. Pretty soon he was just dipping his finger and sucking it off. Ranch addiction? THAT comes from me.

I wish you could hear the song he's singing in between bites. He is such a funny guy!

I didn't get the garden in until the end of May, so our tomatoes are just little and green still. We reeeally want them, so Lee covered up the plants to see if we can keep them from freezing.

Poor tiny green pumpkin peeking out before we batten down the hatches.

Lee laying cinder blocks over the edges of the tarp so it won't blow away!

Skeeter looks on while Lee finishes covering up the pumpkins and squash.
Nothing much to report other than me being crabby about the cold. Lee had the day off, and we spent it together- we hardly ever get to do that on weekdays, so it was very nice. He got new strings for his guitar today and played for the first time in quite a while. I think he's so cool!
I am awkward and bulky but am enjoying my little family and my busy job...I enjoy my messy house less, but someday I'll get to that, too.
The last few days when Wyatt wakes up, he'll start calling...for Skeeter. (Is it too much to ask for my son to call for Mommy?) I hear his little voice from the crib every morning, yelling the dog's name, and then he makes his version of a whistle. It ends up sounding like a really high pitched, squeaky "Woooo?" noise, and it makes me just laugh. "Dee-tah! Woooo? Dee-tah! Woooo?" over and over and over. I sure love that little guy. And that dog too, for that matter.
Jana is growing like she should, and we can't wait to get her. She has taken up Tae Bo lately, followed by about an hour of Pilates and Yoga. Usually after midnight. :)
And that's all. Hope you're all well and happy! Love and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!