Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little of Everything!

I had several funny little things that I have wanted to blog about lately, so I'm mish-mashing them all into one ginormous post. As usual.

News: Lee is wonderful, I love him. I got a Kindle for Valentine's Day, and have yet to put it down. Wyatt is busy. Really, really, busy. Jana has one tooth (and the peasants rejoiced!), and is also thoroughly busy. More on that later.


As many of you know, I love Chinese food. LOTS. And my favorite place in Rexburg is a place called New Fong's (not to be confused with plain old Fong's). The other night we placed a carry-out order of all my favorites: sweet and sour chicken, fung wong chicken, pork fried rice...YUM. When we got it home, we found that some of the boxes had been labeled- for example, the sweet and sour chicken had written across the top: SS CK. Then I saw this...

Did you glance twice at that label? I did.

Fung Wong ChicKen
*whew* Here I thought the cook was just having a bad night!

Spring needs to hurry up. I can't make Wyatt stay inside on the grounds of "it's too cold" anymore, he'll just put on his boots and go out anyway!

I very rarely take the camera in the bathroom, so this is, I guess, proof that my children bathe.

Jana got a new car seat, in to which Wyatt promptly and lovingly buckled Mickey, then gave him a hug and kiss. I'm trying to tell myself that the fact that he shows such affection and devotion to his toys is a mirror of how he perceives the way a loving parent should act. ...I hope.

She's just cute. That's all.

Grammy came to visit last weekend, and we love love LOVE when Grammy comes!

The fact that I am blogging now, during lunch, is testament that Jana is really officially feeding herself. YAY!

These little cameos made me laugh. Here's what Jana does during lunch. She eats.

Here's what Wyatt does during lunch. He goofs around.

And here's what Skeeter does during lunch. He lays in wait.
Which, frankly, saves me from picking up quite so many food particles.
Thanks, Skeeter.

And now, for a delightful game of...
Where on earth did it go?!?
Where are all the toys that go in the basket?

On the...ceiling... of the play tent!
(Why he can't play in it right side up is a mystery to me.)

Where are the Craisins that used to fill this huge bag?

Oh, of course. In Lightning McQueen's trunk.

What happened to the bag of Trix I gave you to munch on?

...I might have guessed without even looking.

Seriously? Half of Jana's bows are missing! Where are they?!?

In the bulldozer, silly Mommy.

I had baskets of clean clothes sitting here waiting to be folded! Where are they?!?


What happened to all the play food that goes in your kitchen?


And my personal (least) favorite: where is all the gum from this pack that was almost full this morning?

Hint: Wyatt will return it to me in about 18 hours. *shudder*

I have heard you need a sense of humor to be able to survive at parenting. I admit I was laughing while I took all these after the other, over the course of maybe 5 minutes today. I might not be laughing when I finally have to address all the messes that need to be cleaned up/sorted/folded/put away, but I'll still love being a mommy!

I always take a picture of my Valentine flowers...this year my two favorites, red roses and daisies.

And what's a blog posting without a random picture of The Beast?

We wish you love, a warm rest of February, and plenty of generic non-seasonal candy to last that interminable stretch between the Valentine's conversation hearts and the Cadbury Cream Eggs,