Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Big Update

I always tell myself I won't do these ginormous updates with a million pictures, but it just seems to work out that way every single time. *sigh* Hope you don't mind terribly. I figured I'd better do this all at once, since very soon life will be cheerfully consumed with shopping and wrapping and decorating and eating more than I should!

Lee is great, and is the best Daddy and husband we could ever want. I had a wonderful time in Houston but missed all my boys. So now I'm home and I miss my Mommy and Daddy instead. Wyatt is a barrel of monkeys, and is hilarious. Jana is almost 10 pounds now and is our darling princess. Wyatt will climb up on the recliner to peek in her bassinet and say "Hi, sis!" It's very sweet. How I love my little family!
I like to give credit where credit is due, so to my responsible remembers-to-bring-her-camera sister, thank you for giving me copies of your pictures!

Here comes show and tell:

Jana was all smiles one morning, so I laid her on a blanket and tried to take some pictures. Skeeter wasn't having that, he wanted to lay by her and keep her safe.

Skeeter, go lay down!

Penitent, but won't budge away from his baby.

Skeeter and his Jana

Jana's blessing day- this was the dress I was blessed in almost exactly 27 years ago.

Our blessing just after her blessing!

Anderson family

I repeatedly explained to 5 year-old Stanze that baby Jana isn't old enough to play with toys yet, not even baby toys. She didn't believe me.

Wyatt LOVES to try on everyone else's shoes!

In the Salt Lake airport before leaving for Dallas. Can you tell I only slept 2 hours the night before?

Outside the Mission Office with Elder Grandpa and Sister Grammy!

One of the elders drew this, I thought it was hilarious.

A small part of the downtown Houston skyline.

We went to Galveston one day, and the island is still in recovery from Hurricane Ike two months ago. This picture shows the seawall (about 13 feet) and the stones that used to be under the sand of a beach. All the sand washed away with the flooding.

It's amazing the damage that wind and water can do. While we were leaving Galveston we passed a whole parking lot filled with washers, dryers, refrigerators, and lots of other large appliances that can't be repaired after such significant water damage.

I think this used to be a restaurant. It was so sobering to realize how quickly so many people lost everything.

This hotel has whole pieces of it missing after the hurricane.

All over Galveston and clear up into Houston we saw these blue tarps, covering damaged section of roofs. They were everywhere!

The day we went to the Houston temple was beautiful, and it was so fun to see summer flowers blooming in November.

Jana eating outside the Houston temple

Grammy took over the feeding so Mommy could go take pictures!

Melody outside the Houston temple.

Melody, Grammy, Jana and Grandpa

I had actually never seen a real Texas Longhorn before. Their horns are really long!

We had a chick flick party the night before we went home. I'm sure Jana will grow to love these like I do (especially once she is old enough for chocolate!).
I hope all your holiday preparations go smoothly and bring you the peace and happiness that make this time of year so fun. We are grateful for our families and friends, and wish you a wonderful treat-filled and love-filled Christmas!


Liz said...

Looks like you had such a fun trip. Those are beautiful pictures of you guys in front of the temple. Jamison is really into other people's shoes now, too. Maybe we'll have to make a trip up to Rexburg so those two can meet!

Marianne said...

You're welcome for the pictures! Thanks for putting them to good use! XOXO

Marianne said...

That is so cool- McKenna wore my blessing dress for her blessing too! CUTE!
It was so fun to have you over for a while. I was really thinking of you that weekend, and hoping that Jana was a good little traveler!

Melissa Durtschi said...

I hope you never feel bad about posting pictures. I LOVE pictures!!! Love you!!

Tara said...

You look great! It must have been so fun to see your mom and dad.

Blauers said...

Looks like your trip was fun! The temple is so beautiful. I don't think i've ever seen a picture of it. Thanks for sharing!

Hilarie* said...

Wow I'm so happy for you!!! The pictures are super cute as always. What a beautiful little girl!! can't wait to see you back at work... I'm sure you are just as excited... :)

stephandty said...

Fun pictures!! I love the picture the missionary drew!! Super Funny!!

Melinda said...

LOVE that cartoon the Elder drew! I had to laugh extra cuz we just signed up to feed the missionaries on the 21st...And that is such a cool fountain outside the Houston temple. Glad you had a good trip!

Lainie said...

Oh Melody! I'm so glad you got away to visit Grammy and Grandpa. AND to be with Marianne too!!! What a fun trip! I love seeing pictures of the temple. It was our goal while I was there to get enough baptisms and increase church membership in Houston so we could qualify for a temple. The conference just after I got home (a week later), Pres. Hinckley announced the Houston temple!! I can't help but wonder if I had a "smoll" part in that?? Its even more beautiful than I thought!

I really love you Melody. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. You totally made me cry. I feel sooooooo blessed to be in your family. Do you remember that precious moments book you gave me before I left on my mission?? You might not - well...I STILL have it. I've treasured it all these years, with the sweet note you wrote in it to me. You are an amazing woman. I honestly don't know how you do all you do WITHOUT sleep. I would be a total bear! Grrrr...I'm a bear anyways, what's my excuse?? YIKES! Its a good thing Kendall's in it for the long haul! ;0)

I miss you...thanks to blogs it doesn't hurt so bad. LOVE and HOLIDAY HUGS (and chocolate dipped peanut butter balls)!!!!!

Amber said...

Great pics, glad you could have fun with your parents! I'm sure you're dreading it, but I can't wait to see you back at work soon!

Keenanonie said...

I love the ginormous updates. Thanks for sharing all these pictures!
Your kids are so cute! I thought the Elder's drawing was hilarious, and was amazed to see your photos from Galveston. Wow.