Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Aliiiiive!

I swear my kids think that when they see me rise, as if from the dead, off the couch with my smeared mascara and my wrinkly scrubs and my crazy hair. Working nights is fun.

So, as promised, here's the "more later." Lee is good, and I am good. Wyatt is almost 3, is cute as a button, and will start potty training next week (heaven help you, Mommy). Jana is 15 months, still has no teeth, and has a very sweet temperament and a very short fuse. Just like Mommy, minus the sweet temperament.

And now a picture feast.

I got tired of Wyatt dragging my vacuum out to play with, so I got him one of his own. He loves it, although he still gets mine out when he has a real mess to clean up.

My kids like suckers.

I mean, they really...

...REALLY like suckers.

One afternoon the yogurt became a hair/floor treatment instead of a snack.

And in the clean up time, Jana fell asleep.

I told Wyatt to show me what Sis was doing. I laughed, and showed him the picture, and we both laughed some more.

One morning while feeding her breakfast, Lee was suddenly struck with how stinkin' cute his daughter is, and had an impromptu photo shoot.

Of course I am biased. She IS the cutest little girl of all time.

Christmas morning Wyatt was up before anyone else. He found his new shopping cart, loaded Mickey and Lovey in, and then went to work opening presents.

Santa made a good call with the Lightning McQueen ride-on. Yay!

The Ariel ride-on was just as big a hit.

Checking out the new kitchen!

Christmas Jana

He'd go play for a while, then come back and just rest on Lightning. It was pretty cute.

Christmas Beast hug

We have only had a few good storms this winter, so I had to document one.

This is in our front yard. I love this tree.

We're using the snowpants, Aunt Marianne! Thank you!

He will- seriously- make a mess deliberately so he can get the vacuum out and clean it up. He actually does a very good job (in both the mess and the cleaning thereof)!

The other day the kids were up and around a little before I was, and Jana found a pile of pancakes leftover from the night before. She helped herself, and just toddled all around the house with a pancake in each hand.
She shared the third pancake with Wyatt. What a sweetheart.

Not only did she eat both pancakes, but she ate a whole bowl of oatmeal and a tub of bananas, plus a bottle of milk and half a cup of juice. Will someone tell me why she's in the "less than 0.1 percentile" for her weight? And while you're at it, tell me where her teeth are?!?
That's all. I'll certainly update more when are plans are more solid, but everything we have planned for now hinges on the location of a job. I can't complain at all, though, we are healthy and happy and we have each other and our beast, and life is good (at first I accidentally typed "life is goof," and I laughed, because it is)!
Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying this beautiful 2010!
Love and chips with a gallon of nacho cheese dip (I love Sam's Club),
M, L, W, J & S


Diana said...

You're in my prayers already. Sometimes more than a little divine intervention can't hurt. Thanks for you comment on my blog. I'm glad that you decided that your name would be Melody :) P.S. I can't believe how big Jana is already!

Marianne said...

As always, the kids are so cute. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope that a solution presents itself soon!

I like Westy said...

You are so funny. I'm glad you have a sense of humor. It makes me have a sense of humor. :) You will be in our prayers.

Janice Pyper said...

Ours too, sweetie! We sure love you guys.

Taylor's said...

Oh man - what is going on with Lee's job??? I totally know how you feel. Jeff lost his job in September - I went back to work so we would not drain the savings - and I now Jeff found a full time job, now the question is do I stop working or do I continue for just in case again, you really can't give up a job in this kind of economy!

You will definitely be in my prayers!

Karen said...

I actually fell asleep the other night wondering if Jana had any teeth yet (Seriously!) We need to play again...whenever Camille sees Mickey Mouse she starts talking about Wyatt and going to Melody's house!

Marianne said...

Oh. my. goodness. Your kids are so FREAKING CUTE. That picture of Wyatt in his chair, yogurt-covered (weren't we talking on the phone during that episode??)just makes me laugh and laugh. Lucky mommy.

AND..we're praying. Surely there's something good in Provo?

Amber said...

I have been hating the "I don't know if my husband is going to have a permanent job" for a year now. It has produced many tearful moments and a few cold sores and lots and lots and lots of stress, but here we are, still being provided for somehow. When it gets overwhelming, give me a call or come on over and we'll discuss how unfair life is sometimes. =)

Also, Jana is SO cute in that smiling pic in her high chair...and she looks so darn old walking around the house with her pancakes!