Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm The Meanest Mom Ever

Did you think this was going to be a post about how mean I am to my kids?

It's not.

I suppose it could be. My kids think I'm mean sometimes.

In fact, I AM mean sometimes.

But that's a different story.

This post is about how mean I am... to my poor dog.

See? Here's the before picture.

And during (see how miserable he looks?)...

The aftermath...
(Now imagine how miserable I would have looked if the next few months saw this slowly falling to the nothing-but-wood-floors of my house)

And I clicked a couple of shots of my complex while I was standing there with my camera...

It got into the 50's today, perfect dog shaving weather.

And behold the finished product. I don't shave his head or he'd look like a giant rat, and I don't shave his tail because he'd look like a giant squirrel. As is, he looks like a giant dog who is so cleanly shaved you could walk through my whole house and see no evidence that I own a fur-bearing canine who thinks he's a person.


And here's a couple of pictures from the Tree Lighting Ceremony on post last week. Yes, there's Christmas in Korea!

Stay tuned, I have plenty of catching up to do!


Clinton and Jessica said...

I love reading your posts!

Karen said...

Oh Skeet...I'd love to give you a hug! Mel--it just hit live IN Korea...that's CRAZY! For real, my mind is a little boggled right now. (I know that I knew this before but I just realized it!)

Marianne said...

Poor Skeeter, he really does look sad in that picture...ashamed is more like it!! But I think you look great, and I miss you. And as soon as I get back from Disneyland in February, all my money is going towards a Korean Trip Savings Account.

(Or maybe it will go to a Kate's College Tuition Savings Account, or maybe a Paul's Wedding Savings Account, or maybe a Wade's Braces Savings Account...) Whatev.