Friday, June 14, 2013

Why, Hello Blog!

Long time, no see, my dear blog. I have spent less and less time actually sitting at my computer over the past 18 months. Partly because I can do almost everything from my phone, partly because my office is always the last place to get cleaned and therefore my least favorite place to be...

...and partly because sitting at my computer makes me see the 418 unopened e-mails and the poor, lonely blog that hardly ever sees any action anymore. And I feel a little guilty.

I commented to Lee the other day that when my kids were very small, the act of going out in the backyard to have a picnic was blog-worthy.

Now I freaking live in South Korea, my kids are growing and changing as fast as ever, and I am completely horrid about getting my camera out and documenting my life. Now is NOT the time to drop the ball, Melody!

I spent the last half hour perusing all my old posts and really, truly appreciating how thoroughly I had documented all the big and little things over the past several years. I want to get back to that!

First some news bites:

Lee is working hard and is a wonderful Daddy and husband. We love him, and have really come to appreciate spending time with Daddy because it's gotten a little hard to come by! Wyatt and Daddy rescued Princess Peach on New Super Mario Brother Wii a few nights ago, and that was a BIG deal. Way to go, boys! 

I am expecting baby #3, and we are all really excited. Especially now that my around-the-clock-sickness is winding down. A few more weeks should see me being a normal (pregnant) person! 

Wyatt just finished Kindergarten. He is smart and funny and energetic and creative and loves to be helpful and make everyone laugh. He is such a joy.

Jana is 4 and is enamored with all things princess, ballerina, shiny, sparkly, flowers, butterflies, rainbows and jewelry and perfume and OH MY GOODNESS is she a girl! She is just brimming with feminine cuteness.

Skeeter is such a good dog. And he's getting a bath as soon as I'm done blogging.

Here's a few pictures from Grammy's trip to see us in May:

Wyatt holding up a Japanese Maple leaf. This has long been my favorite tree, and I love that they are all over in this country!

Mommy and Jana at Admiral Yi's Shrine

Daddy, Jana, and Wyatt waiting patiently for Mommy and Grammy (let's be honest, Grammy was just being nice and pacing slowly with me!) to get up the millions of stairs to the shrine.

Admiral Yi is a widely known Korean hero, for his brave and innovative military actions against the Japanese in the late 1500's. Any Korean can tell you about him. This shrine is built on a property he once owned, and some of the trees in the area are more than 500 years old. 

I love admiring the traditional Korean buildings- the ceilings and intricate wood working are just amazing.

Daddy and Jana placing incense at the shrine.

Beautiful landscaping. And lots of fish to feed. The whole family had a nice time!

Here we are at a traditional "beef and leaf" Korean restaurant. I can say without hesitation one of the things I will miss most about Korea is the FOOD!

Daddy and Wyatt. This restaurant is our favorite, it's in Dunpo, a little suburb of Pyongtaek.

Mommy and Jana. I am drooling looking at these pictures. Even with all my pregnancy illness, I never got sick after eating a Korean meal. It's just so delicious and it's just so good for your body- yummy meat and tons of rice and vegetables.

I saw this while out walking the dog one morning and it made me laugh. Crane tracks next to the crane tracks. Ha ha!

There it is. I plan to start carrying my actual camera with me and uploading pictures every few weeks like I once did. My kids love love love to see pictures of themselves and places we have lived, and I simply cannot let this experience get lost!

We miss all our dear friends and family, and hope you are all well and happy. If you find yourself in need of a vacation destination, our doors are WIDE OPEN! :)


tiff snedaker said...

It's nice to see an update from you! Don't feel guilty about not blogging, life happens. It's so pretty there, and all of the food looks so so yummy! I fully expect you to start sharing belly pictures of baby 3. :)

Melinda said...

Crane tracks by the train tracks....ACK I can barely TYPE it let alone SAY it! I even messed up saying it in my HEAD. I too love the Japanese maple! Those leaves are just so gorgeous no matter what color they are.