Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wanna see a TON of pictures?

It's just easier to narrate life through pictures, so if you don't want to wade through about 50 of them, run away now while you still can! No hard feelings.

I love to take pictures of the rice paddies as the season progresses.

The kids and I were test-driving the zoom on the camera. Never have nailed down if these are cranes or egrets...

Not sure if this is called a crane either. But the kids laughed SO hard that we could take a picture of it so far away. Go figure.

I love when I can get genuine smiling faces for a picture. I think I said "underpants" or the like to get them to laugh.

We all giggled at this one, wondering what Jana's evil intent is.

My favorite weather is gray, overcast skies. Perfect.

I realized I don't have any Grant bath pictures, had to get a few!


Oh, dear. I had a lady give me a whole bunch of clothes for when Jana grew into them, but randomly among all the size 6 things there was this youth 14 dress. Which Wyatt assumed was for him. These two crack me up.

As the rice gets ripe, the birds go after it in full force. I was out at about 6 am taking pictures of the beautiful sunrise, when the morning calm is suddenly shattered by loud clanging sounds accompanied by shouts and yelling. This guy and his friend were out trying to scare any birds away by virtue of obnoxious sound. Awesome.

There's his friend. And one of the many scarecrows.

Still a beautiful morning, regardless of the background cacophony. (I deserve a cookie for using that word in context!)

We had some friends send us some cute Korean children's clothing. I love how Wyatt looks like a little K-Pop boy. 

Grant's face in this one is possibly my most favorite thing ever.

My kids are so silly.

"Mom, STOP taking pictures!"

My beautiful Jana.

She gets this from her Dad, I'm sure.

My Wyatt is growing up too fast!

He is such a sweet boy.

Little Grantopotomus

The ceiling fan was hilarious, evidently.

It cracks me up when he needs both hands to play, but wants to keep chewing on whatever he's currently got in his mouth. Don't worry, that snot-sucker was clean.

Now I have TWO teeth, huzzah!

Again, can't be bothered to remove thing from mouth. Hands are otherwise occupied.

Where's Granty?


It rained hard all afternoon this day. While we were inside waiting for the rain to slow enough that we could take the dog out to go potty, suddenly the clouds broke, the sun began to shine though, and there it was: the first Korean rainbow we've seen. I grabbed the camera and dashed outside, dog in tow, and set him loose in the dog run so I could start clicking pictures! I had already pressed the shutter button when I realized, a split second too late, that Skeeter was addressing the more pressing matter. When I uploaded these later, I decided this was the money shot of the night. I may frame this one.

Growing up out west, I only ever saw a rainbow until it hit the mountains. I have never in my life seen a rainbow reach ground level, so it was really exciting to me.

It was uninterrupted from one end to the other. Jana couldn't understand why I was so enthralled.

This one shows the faint little double rainbow.

And this was the sunlight on the other side that allowed that rainbow to occur. With rain on my lens. Time to go in.

Living on the Army post has its fun moments. Like how the helicopter pilots occasionally do practice evacuations in the field next to our building. There's a Chinook just coming in to land.

Lowering the door...

Waiting for the guys participating in the exercise to leg it across the field and board so they can get evacuated. And they took off.

Here's the next group waiting to be airlifted out...they got picked up by a Blackhawk. This went on several more times. Really fun to watch.

We bought a Christmas tree and decorations off our Flea Market Facebook page. Jana insisted we set them up to make sure we liked it. We did. 

So much so that we left it up with the lights on for a couple of days.

I like to zoom.

If Jana gets her way, this tree will go in her bedroom. We'll see. (That's Mom for "nope.")

And what's a blog post without a random picture of the beast?

I'm tired, Mom.

I'll patiently wait while you try to make me smile. 

I don't want to smile. How about if I make my "snuffy face?"

Ok, fine. Here's ONE smile.


Ok, that's all for now. We finally have official orders, and we are officially going back to Fort Lee, Virginia in mid-October. Yay! Just have to survive another international move. Then we'll likely leave Ft. Lee next May, because staying in one place for very long isn't our thing any more. We are yet awaiting orders to know what comes after that. I thought I'd hate how often we move in the Army, but surprise! Turns out I don't mind it too much, it's actually kind of fun. Who knew?

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Marianne said...

I can't remember all the comments I wanted to make. Basically, your kids are adorable and growing so much! Jana's funny faces look just like YOUR funny faces, and Grant has a trapezoid crying mouth just like Jana did!

I love your rainbow picture with Skeeter. DEFINITELY the money shot!!

I love you and miss you so much. I'll be glad when you're at least on the same continent as me!!