Friday, July 11, 2008


I bet Lee wonders this sometimes, honestly. I know I wonder it- am I his refining fire? Is his mission in this life just to survive the messy and pretty scary rollercoaster ride of my emotional personality? Sometimes I look back at the day and the things I said and did and I'm pretty embarassed and disappointed in myself.

And yet, Lee keeps me laughing. He still tells me I'm cute (Hell-o! Have you seen me? MOO!) He picks up my slack and takes me out for ice cream and compliments my cooking (poor Lee: "This Hamburger Helper is really good, Melody!"), and pulls faces while I'm doing my makeup so I laugh and smear mascara everywhere.

So here's my shout out to my sweetheart Lee: I love you! I don't begin to deseve you, but I am SO glad you stick with me. And like the little kid says in Sleepless in Seattle, we are MFEO- made for each other! You to keep me sane, and me to keep you...busy! :)


marsh & tiff snedaker said...

How sweet :)

Lainie said...

Mel, I was reading an article today about Charlise Theron and the guy interviewing her asked why she always took roles representing such complicated women. Her response, "Sorry to be the one to tell you, but ALL women are complicated!" This post describes you, me and the rest of us, Mel. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS A MESS!!!! Hang in there, chica, "Oh! The Places You'll GO!!!" LOVE YOU!

monica said...

Well, i am sure glad he sticks around too bc I get laughs and giggles out when you tell me stories about what he does. Such a sweet guy to his honey!