Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't what that means either! Karen tagged me so I will pass it on. Here's my MEME:

My kitchen sink:
(I did the dishes last night, at least!)

My favorite room: the living room! I live there. Really.

My fridge. Those ducks might look familiar...

My laundry room. It's pretty much a cave, but dirty clothes go in and clean clothes come out, so it fulfills its purpose.

My favorite shoes. If you catch me at home, there's a 99% chance I'll be barefoot or in my slippers.

My side of the closet. Allow me to explain: on the left, you see things that don't fit right now. Straight ahead, things that DO fit right now. On the shelf, my scrubs (a few of which fit right now), and on the floor, boxes of clothes for Wyatt to grow into and New Baby Girl to wear.

My most recent purchase: 2 bambinos and a side salad. This is Pickett's Bambinos, a tiny place in Rigby that I simply adore. I'd like to blame my constant craving of those bambinos on pregnancy, but that's not true. I crave them always. YUM.

What my babies are doing right now:

I'm not a careless mom, this is just Wyatt's thing lately. He climbs on the rail and just chills there, babbling and laughing. I tell him to get down, and he does...for about 4 seconds. I hope this phase passes before he learns how to climb ALL the way out.

Skeeter is out on the deck, sniffin' the breeze.

My dream vacation:
The Hawaiian cruise. We were going to go this year, but then we found out that there was a Jana on the way- no complaints, of course. Maybe next year!

My self-portrait:
I didn't wanna do it alone, so it's me and Skeeter.

So there you go. And I tag...Steph, Monica, Fay and Amber!


Fay Call said...

You stole magnets! I'm telling Tammy!!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for humoring me! I'm pretty much ticked off at "New Moon" right now!

Tara said...

I just started Breakind Dawn and I'm LOVING IT!!!