Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid Insomnia.

I can't tell for sure if it's because I've been down in this weird funk lately, or if it's because I'm 33 weeks pregnant, or perhaps it's more of the same working-full-time-nights thing- but I am a raging insomniac! I was on call last night, and even though I really tried to sleep it just wasn't in the cards. When Lee got up to get ready for work I begged him to feed Wyatt breakfast and everything before he left so I could sleep in a little. Sweet Lee that he is, he did- and I STILL COULDN'T SLEEP! So what do you do? Blog!

I don't have to work tonight, so maybe I'll bust out the Unisom and try to get some good sleep...and then I'll try for being a real wife and mommy tomorrow. Today I'll be a zombie wife and mommy. Again. :)

A few little pictures:

When I'm feeling brave, I let Wyatt tackle goopy foods all on his own- here he goes to town on some vanilla pudding.


Didn't your mother teach you not to say "Cheese!" with your mouth full? No?

Our Baby Ham

I took these at about 1:30 this morning. If I can't sleep, at least I find something comforting about watching my beast sleep.

Looks so comfy! I was jealous.

I came across this from last January, and decided that I am glad it's still summer.


Melissa Durtschi said...

Thank you Thank You Thank you....After working with you Sat. night (wrapping up my 3 in a row!!!)I went to bed last night just to stare at the ceiling for a loooonnnnnngggggg time. I didn't get that much sleep yesterday. AUGH!!! Best of luck to both of us tonight. Love ya,

Amber said...

Man, am I thankful I pretty much hit the pillow and am out. Too bad, you two.

James and Marianne said...

I get insomnia all the time too! Usually the more tired I am, the harder time I have falling asleep. Have you ever heard the radio show Coast to Coast? It is national and is somewhere on the am dial. People call in and talk about how they were abducted by aliens, etc. Very funny- it's my new late night friend.
Also, if you're awake at night, think of me because I probably am too! Last night I was up for hours with a teething baby and a 2 year old who had a nightmare that a snake was eating his sandwich.
Love you!