Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Few More

Lee's work party was at the Bar-J Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole the other night. We had a nice meal- but we missed the show because Wyatt came unglued and I started contracting, so we decided to go home early. We did catch some pictures of a beautiful full moon rising over the Grand Tetons, though. And Wyatt was being a hilarious cheese the whole way home because he was so tired!

He was totally crying when I took the camera out, and as soon as I pointed it at him, here comes a huge grin. Funny Wyatt!

Full moon over the Tetons.

I was glad I wasn't working that night, because a full moon really does bring out the crazies.

Laughing and being silly again!

Wyatt was totally cracking up whenever I went "Eee!" Notice towards the end he tries to do it too, but makes himself laugh too hard. It's not a great video, it was already dark out, but still pretty funny.


Amber said...

Seriously, kids think the craziest things are silly. Cute video.

Oh, and stop it with the UC's!!

Erin said...

What a cute boy. I love the cheesy smile, but I don't believe he was crying, Wyatt never cries!!! :)

Karen said...

Makes me laugh just hearing him laugh.

Melissa Durtschi said...

I LOVE that picture with the moon over the Tetons-that's one you need to blow up and frame or sell!!!

Yeah, NO MORE UC'S!!!!

When do you work again?

Love your guts, and Jana too....

Marianne said...

Ha ha! Wyatt has the best laugh!!

Melinda said...

beautiful moon pics! I love that wyatt smiled in the midst of tears with the camera! I hear the full moon brings babies too...maybe that's why you started I remember the full moon around easter when I was pregnant and I was just going "ok, full moon, work your magic, please!!" I had PUPPP so I was VERY miserable the last month + of pregnancy

Hilarie* said...

He is such a cute and sweet looking little boy!!! ARe you going to play group today!?