Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun with Numbers!

ZERO The number of naps I had today.
ONE Meals I got to eat today (don't worry, the kids got more!)
TWO Baths I gave today.
THREE Wiggly, furry or madly-running-everywheres that I'm supposed to be caring for!
FOUR Attempts to pull Wyatt off the pile of newly folded laundry he was attacking.
FIVE Weeks left until I go back to work! *gulp*
SIX Baby bottles to wash each day.
SEVEN Times I said "Wyatt! No! Yucky!" after I caught him lapping water out of Skeeter's dish...
EIGHT Hours alone in the car with Jana to and from Salt Lake on Thursday. Wish us luck!
NINE Diapers I changed today
TEN Times happier than I ever thought having children would make me!

There, I said it. They darn near drive me nuts, but they make my life fun and full and interesting! So Wyatt, Jana and Skeeter: I love you!
And of course Lee, I love you also. A lot.


Amber said...

Fun Post! I love it!

What's Wyatt looking for in the garbage, anyway?

Marianne said...

I love how you count Skeeter as a child. He is, after all, the most human dog I've ever met.

Melissa Durtschi said...

Great post!! So just you and Jana alone to Salt Lake!?! Goin' on vacation!?! (LOL - Vacation with a newborn - right!!)

And although I know you don't look forward to it, I do, you coming back to work that is....

Thank you for everything - love your guts, and the rest of you too.