Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Vacation

Disclaimer: I realize I just made a huge posting. However, even if nobody else wants to see a ton more pictures of my kids, I can safely bet Grammy does. And since this blog is essentially my journal, I don't want to leave anything out! More pictures to follow in three...




The vacation was a weekend in Utah to visit my sister and celebrate her oldest son's graduation. Here is said handsome graduate. Yay Paul!

Wyatt and Mommy- not too bad for post-4.5 hour drive, huh?

I had to keep Wyatt pretty distracted, because by this time he was tired beyond all reason. Buckling Mickey into Jana's car seat over and over and over kept him busy for a little while.

Aunt Marianne got a bunch of balloons the afternoon before the party. Wyatt has encountered balloons before, but never like this!

At first he just looked at one.

Givin' that balloon some loves.

And then...he let go of the string and it flew up and bopped into the ceiling. And that was it- the kid was totally enthralled for an hour.

He'd gather a few balloons up and then let them all go, laughing hysterically.

Soon he wanted to hold more at once.

He'd count off, "One...twooooo...FWEE!!!" and let them fly. He had a blast.

Weeks later, he will still look at me randomly and say, "Ba-oons? Aunt Me-ee-anne? Ba-oons?" The Balloon Playtime formed some pretty strong neural pathways, it would seem.

Getting Drenched Part I

Since it's usually just Jana, Wyatt and Crabby Tired Mommy at home all day, we don't get out much. Wyatt has a whole new world to explore when there are extra people to watch him. I was glad he got some good, wet playtime and that it didn't involve ME getting wet!

He was pretty determined to get in there- not that he would get any MORE wet than he already was!

Look at that sheer joy. No wonder he asks about going to see Aunt Me-ee-anne all the time, her house is SO FUN!

Meanwhile, I was chopping lettuce. I peeled off the outside leaf and it looked exactly the size of Jana's head. So we double checked. Yep, it was.

Jana and Kate with Lettuce Hats, and me with the chopped lettuce for our tacos.

Another reason Wyatt loves to visit Aunt Marianne's house is his cousin Wade- he reads Wyatt to sleep at naptimes while we're there. Wyatt LOVES it, and he falls asleep every single time. He has never fallen asleep while I was reading to him. Wade just has that magic talent.

Mommy and Jana, on the other hand, can sleep anywhere, any time.

By the next morning, those poor balloons were all played out and we had to hang them from the ceiling...

...but don't worry, we got more!

Playing on the slide


This face just made me laugh. What a cutie.

Uncle Dennis, holding a plate of the most divine Bulgoki EVER. I could eat that stuff all day, every day and be perfectly content. YUM!

I really admired Paul's graduation gift to himself- a distinguished mohawk. I quite like it.

The baby in Anja's tummy made a perfect Jana-sized perch.

Me and my Katiebug

Jana puts everything in her mouth, especially jewelry. At least having Jana go for Aunt Anja's necklace gave my watch a much-needed break.

Getting Drenched Part II: Now The Hippo's In

Not wanting to be wasteful, we used up the balloons after the party was over. Who's up for a rousing chorus of Follow the Yellow Brick Road?

Look at that view! This trip darn near convinced us to move to Provo. If we could just find jobs...

Yay for getting put on call- now my house is clean and my blog is all updated!
Lots of love and more Bulgoki (mmm-mm!),
Melody & Co.


monica said...

awesome, glad you were on call! that meet looks fantastic, where can i get a recipe and even better brad will have to grill it! i love wyatt, what a cutie! Have fun with your family!

monica said...

that was supposed to be- meat looks fanatastic but also that meet with your family looks fantastic as well!

Randi and Adam said...

It looks like you had tons of fun! It just reminds me that we need to get away, even if its only for a weekend. I can't believe how cute your kids are!! Glad that you had fun!

Marianne said...

Oh, MAN. That reminded me of some GOOD TIMES. (I just typoed "good tines" ha ha) I love it when you guys come to visit. I love it that Wyatt loves Wade and Isaac and Kate and Paul and me and Dennis! We love him, too!! We are still going through withdrawl. Every once in a while I'll notice that Wade is MIA, and I'll find him shut in his room, laying on his bed, weepy. "What's the matter, Wade?"

"I miss Wyatt."

Melinda said...

bulgogi (multiple romanized spellings...same incredible stuff!) that and kalbi are my FAVORITE Korean dishes. Good thing I married someone who spent enough time in Korea to know how to cook them for me :-)

Oh yeah, your post was way cute too. Leave it to me to really hit on your food farewell sign off thingy....

Steph and Ty said...

Your plethora of pictures are fantastic!! I love when you post because it feels like a tsunami of fun!! I love the stripped jammies your kids have. I should buy matching outfits for my kids!!

Keenanonie said...

Uh oh! I don't know what's Bulgoki from what's not. Maybe another post on that please? Or I'll just wiki.

I read your whole post. Great pictures!

amanda said...

sweet mother that was long but a fun blog. thanks.