Monday, June 22, 2009

Marathon Post!

You may think I titled this post the way I did because it's about the marathon Lee did last weekend. Well, partly yes. But mostly because it's long, long, long and if you finish it, you deserve a medal and a free t-shirt.

Lee is doing great. His inadvertent weight-loss related to the marathon training has left him about where he was when we got married 7 years ago. In fact, the pants I got him for Father's Day are a tad too big- I told him to gain some weight back and they'd be fine.

I am all right, just trying to hold on for the ride. I have such a wonderful little family, and we have so much fun together. If only my house would just stay clean, and my laundry folded and my bank account full, I wouldn't have a care in the world!

Wyatt is at such a fun age. He is talking up a storm, and is really starting to notice things. Yesterday at dinner Wyatt turned to me and said, "You tired, Mommy? You need a nap?" Yeah, how'd you know? He loves to make engine sounds ("brrrrrrm! brrrrrrrrm!" every moment he's awake lately), and drive around anything that has wheels.

Jana is just on the edge of becoming independently mobile. Oh dear. She had her monumental first roll down the stairs (there's only two) last week, and she's able to sit up without help. I'm not sure I'm ready for this! She is SO smiley, especially to Daddy- she just lights up when he comes home. It's very sweet. She watches and laughs at Wyatt constantly, and is just a little doll.

Skeeter has had a good time with all the dog company we've been having lately. Duchess has stayed with us a couple of times, once for a whole week, and Anne has been staying with us too. He just loves having someone to romp with and tease. As Jana is learning to feed herself there are suddenly many more messes around, and I am once again finding myself grateful for his floor-cleaning skills. What a good boy.

The other day Uncle Chris was mowing the lawn, and Wyatt wanted to help. He pushed his wagon around by the handle and made *brrm! brrrm!* sounds as he went.

The grass was pretty long after all the rain we've been getting. He eventually figured out he could push the wagon more easily on the already-cut parts.

When Uncle Chris started the mower again, Wyatt would imitate the pull-start motion. It was very funny.

I have to be careful when I tell him to say "cheese," because cheese is exactly what I'll get!

Everyone else was out in the driveway, and I laughed at the line of curious dogs.

Anne and Duchess

This made me laugh out loud- Anne is blind on one side, and by trying to see outside better she kept getting whacked by the hanging blinds. In frustration she finally attacked the offending drapery.

My cute little graham cracker fan.

Sweet baby Jana

Wyatt LOVES to "dip dip dip" things! I was over the moon about these awesome little corn dog bites we found at Sam's Club- he gobbles them up and I don't have to worry about him gagging himself with the dumb stick.

There is something very liberating for the mommy whose baby begins to feed herself. Yay!

Hammin' it up. I sure love this little squirt.

Just playing

Too tired to get up, but still playing

Mommy and Wyatt

One morning I heard Wyatt calling me for help. Turns out he had found my secret treat stash in the diaper bag, and since he had already eaten all the ones he could open himself, he needed me to open the rest...

...Which I did, figuring the damage was already pretty well done. He was very happy about it!

I accidentally left a bottle of baby puffs in the front room, and Wyatt opened it to give some to Sis. A few spilled.

I love his face- he's smiling but you can tell he's still worried I might get mad at him.

Jana was quite content with the way things turned out for her.

Nice hat, Wyatt.

I got them these cute stripey jammies, and couldn't resist a few pictures.

They really like to be together- I hope that lasts!

Since I had extra hands to help, I braved a trip to the Nature Park last week so we could feed the ducks.

Wyatt and his cousins Ally and Ashleigh. We had a really fun time.

Lee did the Teton Dam Marathon last weekend with his sister Holly. This was about mile 22- doesn't Lee look great? It was around 70 degrees and it was overcast all morning- perfect running weather if you ask me.

Coming into the home stretch- Ashleigh and Ally ran in with them.

Yay Daddy! Someday I'd like to do a marathon- not only to know I could accomplish something like that, but also because Lee lost about 25 pounds training for this one. That's incentive enough for me.
We hope you are all well and happy and not too waterlogged by this constant rain! I don't might putting off the summer heat for a while, truthfully, but it's hard to get a nice tan during a downpour.
Lots of love and raspberry muffins!
L,M,W, J & S


Marianne said...

This was a fun post- I loved all the pictures! I have a theory that each baby will fall off of furniture/ down the stairs at least once or twice. Looks like things are going well for you guys!

Jake and Shannon said...

So now that we have the pictures to prove it, it looks like Lee will get the hard leg of to bone and back! He looks really good though!

Marianne said...

NICE post, Mel. Wyatt is SUCH a doll, I just love that little monkey! And you know what? WHO CARES about the house being clean? Love those babies, they won't be babies NEARLY long enough, and clean the house when you have to. Hang in there. You can do hard things. I know, because you're tuffer than me, and I can do hard things!!

tiff snedaker said...

Way to go Lee! What a huge accomplishment.
I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting. Wyatt is a little boy! I love the picture of him asleep in the high chair, that is definitely classic.

Karen said...

Those are some great pictures of the kiddos (and doggies) We such like that little Wyatt and Jana.
We love hanging out with you. We'll do it again....sometime. (No seriously, have fun with the Anderson Clan this week!)

Sadie said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! haha that post was great! your kids are so adorable! Jana is so beautiful! How can I get a pair of those striped PJs for me!?...Good luck this week! you will be a great hostess!

Diana said...

Little Jana is growing so much! I love all the pictures of your cute family! And Mel - I think marathon running is in your blood. Its just a matter of time.

I like Westy said...

Hey Mel!
Good seeing you again. Keep it up. I always love looking at your pics/posts. I still think about how lucky I was to be your room mate in college. I can tell you're a great mom.