Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas (Reindeer) Gifts

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today- a care package from my cute and sweet sister and niece. It had a note that said "To get your holidays started" and came with a funny little reindeer that "poops" brown jelly beans. I laughed and felt loved.

You must understand that poop has been a touchy subject around our house lately, what with Jana's pooping-in-the-tub episodes, and Wyatt's resulting terror of anything to do with Number Two. So when I showed him the reindeer dropping his brown presents and then popped one in my mouth, he said "No Mommy! It's got poop on it! SPIT IT OUT!!"

It took a good 2 minutes to explain that this is pretend poop, in fact it's really candy. He eventually got over it...mostly. He played with that reindeer, making him poop and putting the jelly beans back in over and over. He was totally engrossed...but he never ate ONE SINGLE jelly bean. Here's a video of him enjoying the Reindeer Gifts.

Thanks again, Marianne and Kate! We love it!


Lee and Melody said...

Oh, and Jana started to blow you a kiss, but decided to shriek at the last second instead.

Diana said...

Who knew number 2 could be so traumatic? You're kids are so cute Melody!

Steph and Ty said...

Next time I'm sad and Ty asks "What can I do? I'll say, "I want a pooping reindeer! That will cheer me up!"

I love it!! So cute and funny!!

Keenanonie said...

Maybe this gift will inspire Wyatt! In my house, we always called it "chapter 2" or "dirties." Thinking of that now is cracking me up, but was totally normal then!

Karen said...

I love hearing Wyatt say "Uh-oh he's pooping jelly beans!" So cute. Maybe I could teach Camille that candy is like poop and then she would just play with it instead of eat it

Marianne said...

Jana's kiss made me LOL out loud! At work, no less.

Give Wyatt hundreds of hugs and kisses from me.