Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Word Bites

I have a fairly short attention span lately. Is it exhaustion? Irritability? Lack of anything interesting to say? Hunger, perhaps? At any rate, my own thoughts have been popping into my head in sound bites- so here's a blog posting of Melody's word bites.
Bon Appetit.

Lee is wonderful. All around. Period.

I am me, and you know what that means.

Wyatt is in full-tilt 2 year-oldness. We are having a great time.

Jana has a penchant for pooping in the tub lately. That's gotta stop- although bless Sam's Club for selling gallons of bleach in a 3-pack.

The Honda Odyssey is officially sold. I had it for 9 days. *sigh* It looks to be replaced by a Chevy Tahoe. That outcome is TBA.

Before you question my Christmas background and accuse me of skipping Thanksgiving (as my honey often does), know this: I AM thankful- for Christmas. I even listened to Christmas music while putting up and taking down Halloween decorations. I love Christmas and everything about it. :)

Now picture bites.

Our first attempt to put Jana's hair up!

I was fairly proud of myself, since I can't even do my own hair.

"Can I have the cam-wah?"

Playing on the new swingset.
In jammies.
And winter boots two size too small.
See what I mean about 2 year-oldness?

We had a pretty good harvest this year.
Lee says, "Aw, shucks."

Thanks again, Grammy and Grandpa!

Can't have a posting without a Skeeter cameo!

She still has no teeth, but that doesn't slow her down one bit.

I came to check on Jana, and couldn't find her at first.

Eating raw corn on the cob. In the office. Good one, mommy.

I love these munchkins so much. SO much.

See Wyatt's black eye remains? It was from a (literal) run-in with Skeeter. If Skeeter's nose wasn't black already, that crash may have done it!

Sporting their Halloween jammies!

He loves to point to his chest and say "See the moon? Hi, moon!" He also says that to the sky at night.

I am having some inner turmoil over her hair. It needs to be cut, but how? Is there a way to fight those two side-by-side-but-turning-in-opposing-directions cowlicks on the crown of her head? (An aside from the doting mommy: Who cares? She is SO cute!)

If you saw the video, this is a better shot of the "cookies." Mmm-mmm!

That's my boy! A delicious plate of nachos right in front of him, and all he wants is a plain flour tortilla. Funny monkey.

My baby lion. We sure love when Monica takes pictures for us!

Even when he empties a bottle of Febreeze on the bathroom mirror and counter, I still love him with all my little black heart.

It was just ONE cookie, and it's not even halfway gone!

A proud moment: the Grandpa smile. Thanks for passing it on, Dad!
Having shared a little picture/word snack, I am now headed for a different snack. Love you all and hope you're well!
Love and a bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs with (SINFUL) whole milk,
M, L, W, J and S


Marianne said...

So Cute! Love all the pics. And I don't think that Jana's hair needs to be cut, does it? I'd give it a few more months, but that's just me. I loved the Halloween costumes and jammies. So, what happened with the Odyssey?

Amber said...

Sinful whole milk...hahahahahaha!!

Seriously, though, your kids are adorable! And you have a swing set? Hm...we may have to come play next summer....

I'm also super impressed with how tall your corn got, b/c Lee is a pretty big guy! Wow!

Tyson and Emily said...

Your word bites are pretty funny, and your kids are pretty cute! Don't cut Jana's hair, it's adorable.

Marianne said...

My heart is full and I'm crying because I miss you. And your kids are so darling. And Wyatt can do the Grandpa smile. YAY!!

monica said...

if you cut Jana's hair I will die! It is soooo cute and it is in the betweener stage (as if I know what I am talking about with 2 boys), but you will be grateful once it grows a tad more! I loved the pic of the cookie~ so cute. Wyatt looks so old in some of these pics, i still think the pooh one is my fav (I may be biased). goodbye cars! p.s. your word verification is "pooze" ha ha.

Sadie said...

ok love the little word and picture bites I feel like i just spend a day at the anderson household! Dude whole milk is the bomb...all 500 calories in 2 cups of it! haah jk i dont have any idea how many calories but like my husband says..."and every calorie tastes sooo good"...

I like Westy said...

You are so funny. I loved all the pictures. Your kids are darling. Personally, I LOVE the two-year-old stage.

Diana said...

What cute Halloween costumes. I like all of your word bites and pictures bites. It's what makes Melody, well, Melody! Bring on Christmas my friend!

amanda said...

cute, cute! i told my kids we aren't lighting the lights on the house unti after thanksgiving. your a better mom

Tara said...

Love the pictures! I can't believe how big your little girl is! And Wyatt is just a little boy now, not a baby anymore.

Keenanonie said...

Your Christmas wallpaper made me laugh. I think Wyatt was just helping you clean the bathroom wth the Febreeze! Cute DO on Jana, and don't cut her hair. Sammy poops in the tub too lately... we started putting him on the potty first (sometimes works). Wow -- it's amazing how she's taking down that corn! There are my response bites.

corinne and paul said...

Whole milk is so good! Never tried it until I started buying it for my toddler. Your kiddos are so cute and growing so big! I am looking forward to Mia getting enough hair for me to start playing with it.