Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three years old!

Wyatt turned three on Monday, and I realized it will be October until I have another two year-old. I rejoiced a little.

Wyatt and Jana both love to lick the beaters when I make...anything. This was the frosting for Wyatt's cupcakes.

Like her mother, Jana must have every speck from every surface of the beater.

This made me laugh, because I'm sure he gets this exact look from me on occasion.

Happy Third Birthday, Wyatt!

Trying out his new tricycle.

Everyone had fun with the huge balloons Lee got- especially Jana.

Camille thought Skeeter looked lonely napping by himself, so she gave him an Elmo to keep him company. What a thoughtful girl!

I was napping on the couch and woke up to Wyatt saying, "Mommy, we need to blow out the candles again!" I can't stop laughing at his 'smile' in this picture.

He found the box of candles, loaded them all into the remaining cupcakes, and carried them in to me so we could light and blow them out.

Trying to show us how old he is now. I guess we'll need to work on that.

Notice the candle burning there? That was all he wanted on his birthday- to carry it around, blow it out when he felt the urge, and then have me light it again so he could blow it out again later. He was SO happy!

The kids love this old Proclaimers CD, and almost every day Wyatt asks to listen to "five hundwed miles." Here he is singing along...and I have no doubt 8 or 10 years from now he'll be embarrassed about it. I think it's hilarious. :) He gets totally distracted by his candle at the end.

Nothing else new around here. I am surviving (barely) and SO excited to get out of town for a few days. Work has been insane the last couple of nights (we did 20 deliveries in 48 hours) and I'm in for another round tonight. So I'm going to nap.

Lots of love, Cadbury Cream Eggs, fresh Krispy Kremes, and invigorating runs in the spring sunshine to make up for them,



Sadie said...

Looks like he had tons of fun! Work has been super crazy I dont know how I got lucky and missed it but somehow I did...I loved your last saying at the end of your post! I love cadburg eggs and spring runs! I love spring!:) see you tonight!

Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

Your kids are SO cute! I Love the song. Good luck at work! I missed the crazyness too, although Jamie called me to see if I could work but I had the flu. I think I would have rather worked.

Diana said...

You crack me up with your parting statements every time. I can't believe you have a three year old! Where has the time goine!

tiff snedaker said...

Wow, he's REALLY 3? He's pretty darn adorable and I like that cupcake picture. Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Marianne said...

Oh my gosh, I'm going to die laughing. That video is the CUTEST THING EVER. Wade also LOVED that song, in fact that whole CD, when he was about the same age... Go figure...

Hugs and rest are waiting!!

Jake and Shannon said...

What cute kids! I can't believe they are getting so big!

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt! What a cute boy, I hope the weather will warm up soon so he will have a chance to ride his new bike outside. And I can't believe how much hair Jana has. She is such a doll!

Love that song, too. It reminds me of the 6th grade- can you believe it's that old???

Steph said...

Oh yay!!! Happy Birthday to Wyatt. You did such a good job singing to 500 miles and putting those birthday candles in the cupcakes all by yourself. What a big helper!!

amanda said...

your kids are too cute. congrats on having a 3 yr old. i like this age. they are funny. hey i heard that you are quiting... what.

Jacki said...

Oh my gosh, when did your kids get so huge! I'm so out of the loop. :)

Kate Cutchins said...

Melpants, that video of Wyatt singing is a riot. What cute children you have!! :o)