Friday, March 19, 2010


Springtime has been trying to come, but hasn't quite succeeded yet.

I can't quite put my finger on the reason why, but we are desperate for spring this year. We've been sunshine deprived for so long that poor Wyatt will get any little rays he can...even if it's still only 40 degrees outside!

He refused to put his coat and gloves on- at least he had his blanket.

Can't drive the cars on the deck yet, so he drives them on the snow.

This is my favorite. There's barely any sun at all, but he's sitting in the only tiny patch of grass to enjoy it. That's my boy!


Melissa Durtschi said...

LOVE IT!! We are the same way. Even though the wind is blowing and it is a COLD wind, they are still riding their bikes as fast as they can...I CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH!!!

Marianne said...

We have MUCH less snow. Maybe you could come play at my house.

Brett and Ali said...

We are desperate for spring too! I found a couple of crocuses trying to peek out in our front yard. Time for a play date! :)

monica said...

yeah, Ethan making "snow castles" insted of "sand castles" in the backyard...please spring come and stay!