Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Camera!

It's 0130 and I am wide awake. This is no surprise, considering I worked the last three nights and it is still 80 freakin' degrees outside. So it seemed like a nice time to plant some crops in Farmville, do a little snacking, and update the blog.

I hadn't posted anything for a while because I pretty much quit taking pictures. Last summer Wyatt "gave the cam-wah a bath" and ever since it's adventure in the wading pool, every time I turned it off it would reset the date and time. It was annoying to have something cute happening and completely miss it by the time I did the initial set-up again, so I just gave up. Finally I used Lee's birthday as an excuse for a new camera, and got a pretty sweet one at Costco.

So now I have photographic evidence of our first summer in Salt Lake (and the surrounding area)!

The first picture with the new camera! Can you tell Wyatt was chewing blue bubblegum?

Lee and Mel at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. That place was AWESOME.

I had lots of fun testing out the zoom and different features...

Anderson and Higbee families at Balanced Rock

Wyatt tried to lift up that big rock- and he did. What a tough guy!

Playing with the camera some more on the drive home. See how Jana has teeth? YAHOO!

Wyatt was upset that he couldn't play with the camera, so I made faces at him until he laughed. Notice his ear is all tucked in. *sigh*

Daddy has been taking care of the lawns at Grammy and Grandpa's house, and Wyatt and Jana both love to ride around on the mower with him.

The Noble Beast.

Jana and I had a little photo shoot one afternoon. I thought she looked so cute in all her patriotic-ness.

She mostly wanted to bounce around on the couch (don't tell Grammy!).

Here's Fay in a ride made for small children. :) We were waiting in line to see Eclipse, which was totally my favorite of the movies so far.

Kate and Wyatt- either watching our fireworks, or watching the neighbors get ticketed for their illegal ones, I'm not sure which.

Jana LOVED the fireworks- we had to play defense to keep her from running right up to them while they were going off.

I laughed at this- Daddy mowing the lawn and Wyatt dead asleep in his arms.

As far as our news, it goes like this:

*After three months and no offers, we took the house off the market and decided to try to rent it instead. Within 2 days (two!) we had a family sign a one-year contract. Hmm, guess the market is better for renting right now.

*Lee leaves for basic training on October 5th. I am dreading our being apart, but confident that we are doing what we're supposed to.

*My job is busy. WOW, is it busy. It is lots of fun though, and I am enjoying it!

* Wyatt is potty-trained and suddenly going through a nudist phase. Really, I can't count how many times I've said "we don't run around naked!" the past week.

*Jana is talking up a storm, can count to ten, feed herself (well) with utensils, and-true to her heritage- asks for "cokies" and "canny" all day long. I always heard girls developed faster than boys, but I am still shocked at how much more she can do than Wyatt did at that age.

*My kids pretty much live in the wading pool.

*I'm doing a 10K on Saturday with my mom, which should be interesting- we took the stitches out of my ankle 5 days ago, and I haven't gone running in almost 3 weeks.

*We are really missing our Rexburg family and friends, and are also aching for the 50-degree Rexburg summer nights. But we are diggin' our new adventure and really loving living with Grammy and Grandpa for a while!

And here's a random Wyatt quote.
Wyatt: *marches into office, loudly clears throat* "So, WHAT is the answer?"
Mommy (confused): "What is the answer?"
Wyatt: "The answer is...THE VACUUM!" *marches out*

We wish you all fresh summer apricots, delightful soaks in a wading pool, and plenty of barbecues and picnics!

Love and a side of potato salad,

Anderson Evil Incorporated (see how we have the same number of syllables as Doofenschmirtz?)


Marianne said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer! We saw Eclipse at the drive in theater. We put Curious George on the kid's DVD player in the back of the van and made them a bed and we sat up front and partook of Jacob's delicious shirtlessness....well I did, not James so much. We figured that was the only way we'd see it with a nine day old baby.

Brett and Ali said...

I am so happy that you posted...I've been missing your cute pictures! It is wonderful that you are adjusting to your new adventure so well. Holladay is such a great place...I am jealous of your "hot" weather. (Las Vegas is an inferno!)I hope to see you soon :)

Karen said...

Yeah for the new camera...we've been needing some new Wyatt/Jana pictures to look at!! Love Wyatt holding up the rock.

Glad your house rented. I'll have to have Brad call and talk to Lee about it. We have some people interested in renting ours. I'd rather sell it but obviously renting it would be better then having it just sit!!

We want to come see you sometime before Oct...

Marianne said...

Yay for a new post!! I LOVE your new camera.

And just remember, Jana has an older brother to teach her all the things she needs to know. Wyatt didn't have that advantage!! Just think what the two of them can do when your next one comes along!! ;-)

Clinton and Jessica said...

yeah for pictures! Your kids make me laugh. Where is Lee going to basic?? I love Wyatt and the rock one! Glad your summer is good!