Monday, August 23, 2010

What I Did on my Summer Vacation...

The night before school starts, and all the the house
It's dark and cool, and quiet as a mouse.
Who doesn't squeak much.

We're all doing fine. Here's a photo essay of the last month of our summer vacation!

We slept. Lots and lots of summer naps and sleeping in.

We admired the family of falcons who spent their summer teasing the neighborhood dogs. If you look close, you can see all four of them.

We did apricots.

Oh, did we do apricots.

Canned, dried, juiced...but mostly picked up off the grass and threw in the corner of the garden. Mmm-mmm.

We enjoyed beautiful summer sunrises (on the way home from work).

We took (more) pictures of the Beast.

And told him funny dog jokes so he'd laugh.

We ate. Lots. YUM.

We played with friends (and while we were so busy taking pictures of Wyatt and Camille being cute, we totally walked off without Jana. Temple Square: If you're gonna lose your kids, that's the place to do it!).

We admired how cute the kids are (especially after falling into the scenic waters).

We played dress-up at the Church History Museum.

And smiled at the sweet Angel Baby.

We ate more.

And more.

We got our faces painted, then ran away to play.

And play.

We decided it counts as family time to pull the kids around in the trailer while we mow.

We did a few car repairs.

And were grateful for cute helpers.

Did I mention we ate?

And Mommy's personal favorite: we went to the opening weekend of the Snowbird Oktoberfest!

We laughed and cheered for the Yodelman!

We danced like crazy.

We ooh'ed and ahh'ed at the alphorns.

And basked in Uncle Matt and Uncle Mark's dazzling yodel skills.

We cheered for Uncle Mark's bell ringing....

(...their shows are SO much fun!)

We laughed when Uncle Matt sneaked up to steal a few bells.

And oh yeah...we let the three year-old drive the motor boat. With a little help.

And the rest of the summer we spent in the wading pool. If it was full of water we swam...if it was empty, we did this!

In conclusion, summer was a blast. As always, I am thrilled for the coming of fall and cooler weather, although this year is much more bittersweet. But change brings new adventures...and gorgeous fall leaves! We wish you lots of love and a splendid school year!

Love and fresh tomato sandwiches with fresh peaches for dessert,



Marianne said...

It looks like a really perfect summer. And right now your hubby is helping my hubby fix the car, and that's so freakin' awesome. Wanna go boating on Friday?

Love you. Love you. Love you.

Karen said...

Love the pic of Mil and Wyatt with suckers in hand. What a fun day we had!