Friday, February 11, 2011

Where's Daddy?

It's a fun game we play, somewhat akin to "Where's Waldo?"

The entire Alpha Company.
Did you find him? If not, don't worry. It took me a while and I'm married to the guy!

Going for a leisurely road march.
None of the pictures are labeled, so you just have to look at each face- the distinction of "tall white male" only helps so much.

I honestly had to look at his hands to tell for sure it was him.
He's the tall white male.

Pretty sunrise at Fort Benning

Thanks for joining us in this exciting round of "Where's Daddy?"

Tune in next time for a riveting game of "What Did The Kids Get Into Now?"!

(You always know it's gonna be a good one when you can smell what they got into before you see it. Special thanks to Febreeze, Lysol, and Bath & Body Works!)


Jake and Shannon said...

Lee is looking very slender! Are they feeding him there?!

Amber said...

Well, it could have been a lot worse! At least the house smells refreshing, right?

So...where IS Lee in that top picture?

Brigette said...

Oh Melody, the comment you left on my blog was just what I needed to start the day! That was so funny-- I think we should bring that word into mainstream talk-- why the held not?

Marianne said...

4th in from the right on the front row?? It's hard to tell...

Lee and Melody said...

Yes, that's him. Good eye! :)