Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're Here!

Monday will mark three weeks since we arrived. So far, Virginia has been a fun adventure! I don't speak Southern English very well yet, so sometimes at the drive thru or the store it takes a moment to figure out what someone has just asked me. I'll get there.

It's also been amusing to see the differences on the road. If someone is camped out in the left lane going 10 miles under the speed limit, everyone around just matches that pace! For someone who is used to being passed on both sides when going 10 OVER the speed limit, it is a very foreign feeling. It is SO green and gorgeous here (currently 82 degrees) and when it decides to rain it doesn't mess around- I have never actually seen "sheets of rain" before, but now I know what that means!

The kids are adapting as well as we could hope, and Skeeter is adapting to the balmy warmth by dropping his winter coat as fast as possible. Makes for a hairy house! Lee is still what they call a Snowbird, waiting for classes to start. He'll officially begin his Ordnance training on the 31st, and we've been told that the officers usually get their next set of orders sometime in the first week or two of classes- so by the middle of June we should know how long we will call Fort Lee, Virginia our home. It seems to be doubtful that we'll be here longer then just the summer, but we'll just have to see. Moving 2200 miles is so much fun, I really would love to do it again in 12 weeks. Mmm-hmm.

Here are a few pictures:

This is a regular occurrence lately. Captain America and the Pink Power Ranger go play on the teeter-totter while Skeeter basks in the grass. They will ride that thing for an hour at a time, seriously. Love it.

Kids' bathroom

Jana's room with Jana

Wyatt's room with Wyatt being silly

The front room, please ignore Wyatt's dirty clothes that I was carrying to the laundry.

The rest of the front room. Again, please ignore the dirty clothes centerpiece.

The kitchen. Have you noticed how much wood is in this house? Nothing but hardwood floors and tile, and the kitchen is wood from floor to ceiling. It's very pretty, but I'm going through Pledge like you wouldn't believe!

Master bathroom

Master bedroom. It's messy, but the dog is clean!

Here's our little place. I quite like it!

Lee's out back washing and waxing his truck.

Back yard again. The yard is all fenced in, huzzah!

The humidity hasn't been too bad yet, there is a cute park half a mile from here, and it only takes Lee about 10 minutes to get to the post. I took a job yesterday that I'm pretty excited about, except for the 25 minute commute. Since I am relatively sure it's just for the summer, I think I can survive.

I'll post more about the trip out here later, but now you can see where we are. Hope you're all doing well! We love and miss everyone out west, but we're having a fun time in a new area, and there is no snow here- that's a plus, right?

Love and a kid's meal that has hushpuppies mixed in with the chicken nuggets (seriously),

Melody et al


Karen said...

What the red truck Lee? You're house looks quiet nice. The dirty laundry center piece is my favorite part :) Glad you're getting settled. (I'm STILL working on it! I've GOT to get rid of some junk.) Hope to see you all...soon.

Marianne said...

Your house is SO CUTE!!! And the picture of the kids on the swing set...Captain America looks GOOD!

We love you guys and miss you to infinity and beyond!!!!

Amber said...

oh, boy! I've been waiting and waiting to read/see pics of how you're doing! I love those two little super heros in the backyard and especially your very wooden kitchen! So good to hear from you!

Taylor's said...

Wait where are you working . . . fill me in . . . .I went to High School in Chester and my home ward was Colonial Heights - I know exactly where you guys are! Fill in the holes!

amanda said...

glad to hear that you made it safe. love your house.. really cute.