Friday, April 13, 2012


We found a toy Spy Camera at the PX the other day for five bucks. Wyatt got it and we have had some fun positioning it and then running in being silly- it has a sensor and starts snapping [incredibly low resolution] pictures when it detects motion. Funny.

The picture is what Angry Mommy looks like, and I am angry. For some unknown reason, my comments on my friends' blogs vanish into cyberspace and they are found no more. I commented on my sister's blog three times last week and they eventually turned up in her spam folder...but why am I spam suddenly?! I looked on several other blogs that I have made comments on and they are gone too. Anyone have any idea what the deal is?

It makes me sad because when people comment on my blog, it makes my day. Seriously, I feel acknowledged and validated in some way, and I want my friends to know that I appreciate and validate them too! Oh, this is making me sad.

I did a cursory search through Blogger's forum to see if I could find an answer and just got annoyed; I don't speak computer, and when people sitting at a desktop keyboard still can't be troubled with things like punctuation and capitalization and for-the-love-it's-two-extra-letters-JUST-WRITE-"YOU"!!! ...then my agitation increases. And so it did.

Ah well. I confess part of my grumpiness stems from being a tad nervous about our trip tomorrow. Why did North Korea have to go get all rowdy the day before I go with a tour group to visit the Demilitarized Zone? And why, the night before, did they have to change the departure time to 0600? And why, when I have to get up at 0400, are both my kids awake an hour past when they usually go to sleep?

*grump grump grump*

All right, I'm going to bed. Let me know if you know why I can't comment on your blog!

And Happy Friday the 13th!


Karen said...

First of all this is a GREAT picture! Even on my phone I try to write properly...when I don't it's out of ignorance more than haste...let's face it I haven't had an English class in a LONG time. :)

Marianne said...

That's a funny picture!!!

I think the reason that you can't leave comments must have to do with your IP address. Did something with your internet change recently? And if your comments are ending up in a spam folder, once we take it out, our blog should recognize it in the future as NOT spam. I think....

I'm sorry your sad. I love you. Do you need me to come hide under your porch? :-)

Marianne said...

AARRGGGG. I meant YOU'RE!!!! I'm sorry YOU'RE sad. I totally know the difference between your and you're. Alot.

James and Marianne said...

Ha ha, I love the picture too. And I have NO idea about the blog comments. I meant to comment on your last post and must have forgot. I love your house, it looks really nice. And I'm glad you brought the piano instead of the treadmill. You can run without a treadmill, but you can't play the piano without a piano. I will email soon!

physiker said...

Hi, Meldoy. I will call you soon. I tried to call the other day and there was no you.
Hope you're fine.

Monica said...

picture cracks me up. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. In fact I think I'm going to write you an email since new life changes are coming for us. I have to admit, I text "u" sometimes...but only to people that I know won't judge me. I'm a selective texter, but that's better than what most teens are doing which is phonetically spelling everything out if it is shorter. Tht I wil NVER do.

Carrera said...


Hi I am Kyle's girlfriend, Carrera. I found your blog through Shannon's, I am a frequent blogger myself. I wanted to say hi and that I am sorry I didn't get to meet you in Arizona this past weekend! Everyone said you are such a wonderful person and an amazing mother! Hope things are going well in Korea and I hope I get to meet you eventually and maybe get some mom tips :) (I have a 7 month old boy)