Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grammy & Grandpa

I borrowed this picture from my fantastic-photographer/ well-loved sister-in-law Lainie. It's one of my new favorite pictures ever.

So, we bid a bittersweet farewell to my Mom and Dad this week and they are in the MTC preparing for a 12 month mission to Houston, Texas. I have shed a few tears here and there knowing how much I miss them already, and how sorry I feel for myself to not have my Mommy here when my new little baby comes. However, I just can't bring myself to feel sad for very long, because I know how much they loved their last mission, and how many wonderful experiences await them. There is such a need for senior couples, and so much work to do that is best handled by those with children and grandchildren and a lifetime of experience to draw on. I am so proud of them, and so glad that maybe some other missionary missing his or her parents can borrow mine for a while, because they're pretty much the best parents EVER!
Yay Grammy and Grandpa!

Here's Wyatt and Grammy the day before they left...

...And Wyatt, Daddy and Grandpa!

In other news, Wyatt has cut two more teeth since I took these pictures last weekend, and is in the midst of his first flu of his whole life. He is weathering things fairly well, and except for the whole being-sick-all-over-everywhere thing, you'd never know he was really sick. He's such a good natured guy, and one of the cutest blessings I have ever received. Here he is taking a bath today to bring down his fever- I love when he smiles through a mouthful of thumb. And yes, the boat is mostly for modesty's sake.
Lee really likes his new job. He has to test-drive vehicles after he is done working on them to make sure he cured the problem, and once in a while he test drives over to our house so he can get a picture, too. This is a classic 1972 Plymouth Barracuda. And Skeeter, of course.

And as for me, I am growing. My mind drifts now and again to a famous quote from my niece Emily, who said to her very pregnant mom: "Mommy, your tummy growed. And your bum growed, too!" My sentiments exactly! Nonetheless, I am so excited for this little one to come. I will post gender news in a few weeks. In the meantime, we send wishes of love and good health and a good belly laugh now and then!


Erin said...

Melody, you are amazing! I would not be so brave if my parents were going on a mission! And thanks for being such a great friend! Sometimes I just need someone to talk to, and I'm glad you're willing to listen. :)

Karen said...

We love Grammies and Grandpas! Love the pics with the car! Glad Lee likes his job. So is it normal for your bum to keep growing even when the belly has stopped? (My sure did!)At least if I had a belly it would balance it out :)

amanda said...

that is a sweet looking car. and grams and papa are the best. can't wait to be one.

Lainie said...

Oh Melly! We will miss mom and dad SO much! We are a bit spoiled, however, because when they come to visit us - we get them 100% ALL TO OURSELVES!!! I kinda liking living far away (ok not really, but at least there is ONE good thing about it - when we have company we don't have to share them with anyone!) ;0)

I have to say thought, I'm so glad Mom and DAd can go. My mom would LOVE to go on a mission but my dad isn't too hip on the idea. We'll keep working on them!