Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poor Dakota

Last Saturday we decided we'd take a jaunt up to Jackson to window shop and hang out. We piled the strollers in the bed, put Wyatt and his friend Camille in the back with me, Lee, Brad and Karen sat up front and off we went!
Little did we know.

We got just past Driggs- not quite to Victor- and Lee said my most hated words ever: "Uh-oh." When your sweet mechanic husband says that phrase, you already know whatever he says next is going to be expensive. :)

The engine was smoking, and when Lee pulled over and looked under the hood, he told us that transmission fluid was leaking out fast. Meaning the poor tranny is in the act of dying, and we have no more truck for a while. RATS! Lucky for us, Steve was able to come save the day with his big truck and flatbed trailer, but we still had an hour or two to kill before he could get there. So we pulled out the strollers and went for a nice walk back to Driggs- along the edge of the highway. Karen was sweet to go slower with me, since I can't waddle very quickly.
We got back to the Broulims in Driggs to change diapers and have lunch, and the boys got the truck all loaded up and we headed for home.
Once we were back safely, we took a few minutes to play with Lee's "new" go kart, and pretty much called it a day. Since I was tired and pretty crabby by the time this was all over, I decided I should add up the good things out of this experience, such as:

* It was a relatively nice and scenic 3 mile walk back to Driggs
* Steve was able to get us and save us from paying for a tow truck (thanks, again!)
* It was a Saturday and we weren't in a hurry to get back for work or anything else
* We had been planning on walking around all day anyway, so we still did what we set out to do, just not WHERE we meant to.
* Everyone else kept their cool, which helped me not to completely freak out
* If the transmission had to break, it certainly could have picked a worse place- we drove it to Salt Lake just the week before!
* I still got a bunch of cute pictures!
So, the moral of my story came to this: even in my little trial, I came out with more blessings anyway. I am one lucky girl! Lee will also be able to do a lot of the work himself, so I will hopefully have my poor Dakota back sometime next week. Now the pictures!

Wyatt and Camille

Happy Wyatt

Sweet Mil

About 10 minutes later...

Playing on the go kart...

A little more play time!

And there's the end of the Poor Dakota story. In other news, I got summoned for lame jury duty AGAIN, Lee still likes his job a lot, I still like my job with only slightly less enthusiasm (I'll like it more someday when I can resume getting through a whole shift without falling asleep), and we'll find out what we're having on Thursday! So until then, lots of love and Popcorn Chicken from KFC!


Karen said...

Those are some great pictures! Poor Dakota we're sorry we broke you!

Love the pictures on the go kart. (Can't wipe the smile off Steve's face.)

Oh yeah one more blessing. It didn't rain on us:)

Hilarie* said...

Wow.. I'm so sorry! But lucky you.. you have your mechanic man!! Looks like you had some fun anyways... Hope you are doing well. I have been think'n about you.. but unable to get a minute to call.