Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cookie Days

This picture pretty much sums up the last few weeks for us. We just do our thing and I make lots of cookies (from frozen dough, I'm not Betty Crocker!). This picture cracks me up especially when you notice Skeeter hovering in the corner, waiting for Wyatt to drop him some crumbs.

Lee is still loving his new job, and is getting ready to run a 20-mile race with his sister next weekend. I am so proud of him for being such a go-getter, and truthfully a little jealous that he's getting in great shape, and I am...adding to my already doughy physique. I guess I could cut back on the cookies. ;)

I am doing fine aside from having cookie cravings and being jealous, though. I'm pretty tired after chasing Wyatt around all day, and all my coworkers can attest to the fact that I'm not worth anything after about 3 a.m. But I enjoy my job and I love my little family, and that's the important part!

Wyatt has been loving this cookie phase. Lately he'll come up to me with a concerned look on his face while patting his head. This means, "Mom, I need my hat, I'm going outside now." He LOVES to play outside, and cries when I make him come in. He and Skeeter have some funny games they play together, and I am perfectly content to sit on the deck and watch. I only have to intervene when Wyatt tries to play in the bird bath, because that's gross!

Skeeter is loving the cookie phase too, because Wyatt is a VERY good sharer. Wyatt is just too young to differentiate between sharing with friends and sharing with dogs. So, for now, we share with everybody. Skeeter has no qualms about that, I'm sure.
Little baby girl is very, very active and we are so excited for her to about 16 and a half weeks. I caved in and bought a maternity swimsuit the other day, so hopefully that will help Mommy pass the last trimester with not such an ill temper. I get pretty scary when I'm too hot.

So here's some pictures of the last few weeks of cookie-ing.

This has a story- Lee has learned that when I'm in a crabby mood, he can break me out of it by making me laugh. So I had turned my back for a second, and when I looked at Lee, his mouth was stuffed with cookie while he tried to get a bite out of every single one before I noticed. I laughed so hard I cried, and wasn't so crabby know, for a while. Thanks, honey!

I can't explain the look on his face, but it makes me laugh.

Wyatt got a hold of a few cookies when I wasn't looking. This is a look of sheer delight, and I love it. He also benevolently dropped two cookies on the floor for Skeeter, which I took away because that's just too much for dogs. I traded him for a Beggin' Strip (dogs don't know it's not bacon!), so we are still friends.

Wyatt has been going through this kick of trying to eat finger foods without using his hands. Instead he does a face-plant with his mouth open. It's hilarious.

The funny thing is, he's pretty good at it!

Wyatt and Skeeter watching Daddy mow the lawn.

"Wyatt, where's Mommy's nose?"


Erin said...

Hey friend! It feels like it's been forever! And your little Wyatt is the sweetest thing. I can't believe how much of a personality he has. We have got to get together. It's not doctor's orders, but I'm sure I could get one to write one up, no problem! See you soon! (At work tonight!)

Melinda said...

I loved all those pics of Wyatt, he's getting that "I'm a little kid and not a baby anymore face" which is one of my favorite physical phases so far. I'm glad you got a swim suit, I'm right with you on being VERY scary (and horridly sick) if I get too hot.

monica said...

i love your stories, and love the Lee-isms, so funny! i love mr. wyatt, esp that he is a cheeser in front of the camera!

Karen said...

Sharing with dogs is sharing with a friend! Those are some darling pictures! We love that little Wyatt!

Lainie said...

This post reminded me of two things: Alyse's 2nd b-day and a great and EASY cookie recipe!!! I decided to make an Elmo cupcake cake for her 2nd b-day. I had the cupcakes out on the counter cooling, when I turned my back for not more than 2 seconds (no joke) and Alyse had taken one bite out of about 10 cupcakes! I couldn't get too mad at her because she was the b-day queen, but I was pregnant and stiffling that frustration was REALLY hard!!! I did have enough untouched cupcakes to finish Elmo's face, thank goodness!

2nd, I have the best cookie recipe using a cake mix. SUPER easy and SUPER tasty: 1 yellow (or chocolate) cake mix, 1/2 C oil and 2 eggs and LOTS of choc. chips. Cook 350 for 9 min. I love chocolate cake mix with white and choc. choc. chips and walnuts and the yellow cake mix with choc. chips, butterscotch chips, white choc. chips, craisins and raisins. YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! Woohoo!! Why do I run? So I can EAT!!! ;0) LOVE YOU!