Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sleeping? Not yet!

So, I had kind of assumed that once I wasn't pregnant anymore my insomnia would take care of itself. I mean come on, I'm awake all day and half the night- you'd think when the opportunity arose to sleep I'd be able to, right? Nope. And it's not like this is an appropriate time to take a sleeping pill, what with feedings still every few hours. So I lay there in the dark, with sleeping people and animals all around me, and I'm just staring at the ceiling- last night I laid awake for two whole hours after Jana's 3 a.m. feeding. So to heck with sleep! Who needs it? I'm just going to blog all night! :)

I feel guilty for posting a million pictures at once, so I'll keep the news part brief. Lee is doing awesome, and I love him for keeping me. I am hanging on by a wimpy thread, but I'm still hanging on and that's the important part. Wyatt is hilarious, and his antics keep me sane. Jana is sweet and darling, and although she cries a LOT more than Wyatt did, I think the issue is more that Wyatt hardly ever cried than that Jana has colic or anything. When we get past the nighttime fussy spells (they're only about half the time now), life will be easy breezy!

There's stories to go with some of the pictures, so bear with me.

Halloween Baby

It was a chilly day, so we had a choice of calm pictures with pacifier, or crying pictures without pacifier. I chose with.

Lee called him "Tricerababy"

Jana chillin' in her carseat while Wyatt and Daddy played at the park

I only have blurry park pictures of Wyatt, because he is always on the move!

Here's how I know I am raising an Idaho boy: lunch today was a big fat bowl of SQUASH. He actually ate some of it!

Wyatt has been developing his organizational skills lately. It's really funny to come across some thing he's been working on. Here, for example, he opens the front face of the fireplace (yeah, great play spot, Mommy) and neatly arranges a random selection of items. Notice there's a baby wipe in the mix. Anytime he gets his hands on the wipes he pulls out five or so and wipes his nose, face, hands, and interestingly enough, rubs down his hair until it's wet. I find used wipes all over everywhere!

Usually when he touches the fireplace door he gets in trouble. I'm sure I sent a mixed message by laughing and taking pictures of this, and THEN telling him "No, no, no!" It was just too funny, though.

A few days later I find this: all the toys from Skeeter's basket, carefully placed across the piano keys. Good job, Wyatt!

If you've seen my status on Facebook lately, you know what this is. If not, I'll tell you: it's 40 pounds of bananas. Lee bought two boxes (five bucks each), making a total of 80 pounds of bananas. I kept them in the mudroom so they'd keep a little cooler and not spoil while we figured out what in blazes to do with so many bananas!

The solution- a brand new dehydrator!

Just a small portion of all the dried banana chips I now have. They are a healthy, tasty snack!

Getting the pumpkins out for Halloween

The story: Many moons ago, my sister made a family of pumpkin costumes for Halloween, and she gave them to me when Wyatt was born. Unfortunately, the baby pumpkin was too small for Wyatt this year, and I couldn't talk Lee into being a pumpkin (he's more of the creepy, scary costume type) and having spent the better part of the year feeling like a big round object, I just wasn't up for it this year. However, it did fit someone in our family...

He is such a good boy to let Mommy pick on him like this.

We tried on Wyatt's old bear costume- it was too small the long way, and so the little tail kept giving him a fur wedgie, and he ran around trying to un-wedge himself. It was hysterical.

The ward Halloween party. This is the tamest costume Lee owns, and it's because I bought it for him. So here's Zorro and my dinosaur.

Wyatt enjoying his winnings from the Cupcake Walk.

Mommy ("Mormon angels don't have wings!") and my tiny reindeer.

Jana at one month old. This has a story too- when Lee came home from work one night, he brought in a cute pink outfit and a blanket with crocheted edging with the mail and stuff. I asked who gave us them, and he said he didn't know, they were outside the door when he came home. There was no card with them, or if there had been the wind took it. I have no idea who this gift is from, but I really want to thank them! I am offering a reward to anyone who can give me information that will lead to the discovery of the gift-giver! If said gift-giver wants to remain anonymous, and happens to be reading this: thanks so much. The outfit and blanket are darling!

This is just really, really funny. Does this mean she'll be a KISS fan?

I told Lee to take a picture of me with Jana, since we don't have very many. Now I see why not. In my defense, this was at the end of a really busy day- I don't usually look this tired.

I was walking through the kitchen to get Wyatt this morning when I heard this from the nursery:
[Little voice] "Hello? Hi! Uh-huh! Okay! Bye!"
I peeked around the corner and found out that, in the absence of a phone, a hammer works just as well- just put the head up to your ear and talk into the handle!

Jana wearing her cute fuzzy pink bunny slippers. I always wanted some pink bunny slippers, but they are hard to come by. I am so delighted that Uncle Brian and Aunt Heidi gave Jana some!

These two are totally in love. Jana only cries at night after Daddy has gone to bed...maybe she just misses him. :)


monica said...

we should just call eachother at those times, I promise i am awake too! Adorable pictures!

Taylor's said...

I love the pictures! And the binky is priceless in the pictures! Kate has tons of professional shots of her with a binky in her mouth and boy and I glad we shot them like that . . . just something to remember the shot from!

The kids are sure growing up fast!

Tara said...

Always a daddy's girl. Morgan is the same way. When she wakes up and realizes "daddy's at cool (school)" she cries until I turn on Mickey Mouse. I quite like having a daddy's girl. It's great when they're whiney and you can't take it... He He He

Amber said...

Love Wyatt's organizational skills.
And it looks like Skeeter is extemely embarrassed to be a giant pumpkin!

Also, like I've said before, you should call up to the hospital at 0300 and just chat with everyone there!

stephandty said...

adorable pictures! Sorry about the sleep or lack of. Sorry we missed you at the hospital for Halloween. That day was heck for me and to keep my two kids happy we just stayed home. Thanks for letting me know when you guys were going. I really appreciated the call.

Brian and Diana said...

super cute pictures of the kids! I can't get over how gorgeous Jana is! And you look great- don't you worry! I'm glad your Halloween went so well and I hope that sleep finds you soon!

Karen said...

I love all the pictures! Never too many!

Blauers said...

Hey! We were just on the internet thinking about who we haven't seen for a while and found you guys! You have another baby!!! That's awesome! Congrats! Anyway, send us an email so we can send you an invite to our blog Hope all is well with you guys.

Lainie said...

I loved this post, Melody. So many cute funnies! I love Wyatt's organized creation and Skeeter as a pumkin, Jana's kiss expression and the fuzzy bunny slippers. YOU look beaUUUUtiful in your mormon angel costume and the tired picture?? Who says you look tired. I think you're a doll! We sure love you guys!!

Hilarie* said...

What cute pictures. I love the kids outside on the leaves,... and dog in his costume! All.. super cute. Specially, I love your hair cut! Seriously you pull it off well. You look really nice. Sorry about his week.. a little bit of caos. Read my blog.. and you'll understand!!

Marianne said...

Yep. Skeeter looks better in that costume than I ever did. Sigh...

And send Wyatt to me, I could use a little help getting organized!!!

(tuneful singing...) I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Mary Jason and boys said...

Sleep? What's sleep??? I hear its nice. :)
Our blog is limited access now, email me at if you'd like to be a reader!`

Marianne said...

Mel, I'm so sad that you feel like you're hanging by a wimpy thread! Know that I'm thinking about you and hoping you feel better soon! And I agree- I LOVE your haircut, it's way cute! Hang in there!