Friday, March 13, 2009

For the First Time!

I always laugh at that line from Spaceballs: "At last we meet for the first time for the last time!" We've been enjoying some fun firsts around here lately, and since it's (big surprise) accompanied by a kajillion pictures, I'll just dive right in!

Jana's first vegetables. She's not a fan of peas, clearly! Too bad she takes after her mom there.

I was feeding Jana and Wyatt ran in, saw what I was doing, dashed to the kitchen, and came tearing back with a spoon in hand. He scooped up a huge spoonful of peas. Making it:

The first time Wyatt tried to help feed Jana (certainly not the last).

...Or so I thought. You know what he did with that big bite of peas after Daddy clicked the picture?
HE ATE IT HIMSELF! And then said "Yum!"
I was baffled. Jana ate her fill, Wyatt had a few more bites, and when they were done Skeeter ate the rest of the peas. It was like the Twilight Zone.

Another first and definitely not last- the first time one of my children completely emptied my purse seeking a treat. Is that a treat Wyatt's licking? Nope, it's eye drops!

Jana's first twinset: cute shirt and matching cardigan. Little fashionista. Thanks for the cute outfit, Grammy!

A picture of Skeeter. You know by now I can't make a blog post without a few random dog pictures. When I was a kid I thought it was hilarious to make sure every SINGLE roll of film my mom developed had a picture of our dog. So every week or so I'd grab her camera, snap a picture of whatever the dog was doing, and sneak the camera back where it belonged. This is a deeply ingrained habit, and will likely last my whole life. I still think it's kind of funny.

The first time(s) I got around to snapping some pictures of one of Jana's funny habits. She always wants to see what everyone else is doing, so she's constantly craning her neck and twisting around so she can get a better view.

First photo shoot as a big five month-old!

It never ceases to amaze me how such little babies can so completely hold my heart.

Her fine motor (read: grabbing) skills developed earlier than Wyatt's. This girl has an iron grip!

Her current popular nicknames are Sis, JanaBean, and JanaCake.

An impromptu first- she rolled from back to tummy for the first time while I had a camera in my hands. How convenient!

The first time he fit into the Elmo overalls he got for Christmas. He went around all day saying "Elmo pants! Elmo pants!"

How embarrassing. The first time I turned on the TV just so he could watch it and I could take pictures of him!

I love to kiss his little face, he has the softest little squishy-kissy-cheeks!

It was the first time I had trouble getting him to cheese it up when it was just the two of us. Go figure.

This isn't a first. It's not even a millionth. It's just Mommy and Wyatt being silly together. I hope we have little silly moments together for the rest of our lives!

It really was the first time I deliberately used a treat to get him to pose for a picture.

Victory! Good boy, Skeeter.

Here Skeeter, you missed a crumb.

The first time Duchess (another dog-cousin) got in on Wyatt's I'm-done-eating-so-the-rest-goes-to-the-dogs routine! He was laughing so hard watching these two scramble for the pieces of egg.

The first time I took a picture just to show off Skeeter's pearly whites. He went to the vet, underwent general anesthesia (complete with IV and foley catheter!) and had his teeth scaled and polished.

Jana Upside-Down Cake

I'm going to say it's the first time Wyatt has put one of Skeeter's toys in his mouth. But that's a lie. They sure love to play together, though. And that's the truth.

I often find Wyatt playing with and pretending to read out of books. It was surely the first time I found him reading out of these ones. If I succeed as a mother, he'll read them on his own one day.

The first time I took a picture of Wyatt's microwave antics. He loves to open the door...

...slam it hard and yell, "DING!"

This was a true first- he took the money OUT of the piggy bank, put it IN the microwave...

...then carefully put each one BACK in the pig. I took the picture and then gave him a stern "NO NO NO" lecture about putting money in the microwave. Oddly enough, earlier this week he dropped a handful of coins into the fireplace, too. Does he think we have cash to burn?
The first time Wyatt got to work on paying the bills. What a great helper!
We hope you are all getting as excited for spring as we are! Lee is taking his dirt bike out for the first time this spring on Saturday, and I am going on a road trip to Provo for the first time with only myself and two little munchkins!
Wishing you love, chips, salsa and that your lives continue to have enough firsts to keep it fun and exciting- with a little comfortable routine in between,
L,M,W,J & S


Melissa Durtschi said...
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Melissa Durtschi said...

RIBBIT RIBBIT RIBBIT!!! You have two of the cutest kids ever. Jana is growing up way too fast, she's five months and I haven't even met her yet. May your travels be safe, may your time be sane and rejuvenating, and may you always have more.

Liz said...

Cute pictures! I like that you admit Wyatt plays with the dog toys.

Brett and Ali said...

Love your pictures! I think we might become your neighbors soon! I need to call you and chat. Hope all is well!

Marianne said...

OH, Jana is getting so big! Her hair is coming in so cute. When McKenna was that size she had the same little strawberry outfit that Jana's wearing when she ate the peas. It makes me miss having a little baby! (Not enough to do anything about it though!) Drive safe on your trip and if you need to pee near Bountiful I hope you'll drop in!

Tara said...

She looks like a little Wyatt, only more like a girl! How adorable Melody! I love the microwave and the money in it. Cracks me up!

Diana and Brian said...

Such cute kiddo's! But what makes me laugh the most is the random pictures of Skeeter and what a deeply imbedded habit it is for you! Ha - I love it!

I like Westy said...

Your kids are so delightfully delicious! (I meant that in a non-cannibalistic way...)


Amber said...

la la la la, la la la la, Elmo Pants! Those are pretty much awesome.

And are you sure Jana is just rolling over, because it looks like she accomplishing a much more difficult gymnastic feat than that!

Hilarie* said...

Wow she sure has grown and changed! She is such a happy baby too! From your picts, it looks like you have two happy fun little kiddos!!

Blauers said...

Your kids are sooo cute! And I love the post about the peas. Funny!