Saturday, March 21, 2009


So today is March 20th, otherwise known as Spring First. You may recall about 6 months ago my bitter complaining that the temperatures dropped below freezing on the first day of fall- which is not at all uncommon. What IS uncommon is that on the first day of spring, the weather is divine! It is uncharacteristically warm for March around here (fifty-two degrees with no clouds and a gentle breeze), so we took advantage of it today and had a picnic! The yard still has snow in the corners and the grass is still winter-browned, but we all had a great time!

Jana can support herself well enough to play in the leapfrog activity chair! Wyatt loved it at her age, and it appears she will too!

Mommy and Wyatt self-portrait

They were so patient with me today- I couldn't haul myself out of bed until noon (rough night at work). When I saw the sun shining and no wind, I had to take advantage of it. I made Jana a bottle and Wyatt a plate of hot dogs, pretzels, granola bar, string cheese, a peanut butter sandwich and some yogurt and we pulled out the picnic blanket to sit outside and eat.

Skeeter left his treat inside (I did give him one), so he just waited for Wyatt to share his food!

Little picnic baby

This is the ultimate definition of the phrase" laying in wait."

Skeeter and Wyatt had a rip-roarin' ball game after lunch.


Jana got so distracted by Wyatt and Skeeter and airplanes overhead and cars on the highway, she couldn't concentrate on eating!

Wyatt still likes to tromp on the few little snow patches we have left, and Skeeter likes to eat them- they're all slushy now so it's like a doggie snow cone.

Mommy and Jana self-portrait. I know I look like junk, but I worked the last 2 nights and haven't fully come back to humanity yet. I see a nap in my near future!

He looks so noble when he sniffs the passing breezes.

Nice hat, Wyatt!

She has found her feet- I love when they find their feet!

He had a sucker for dessert. He will do just about anything for a sucker- is that where the term "sucker" originated from? ;)

I found out I have some pretty resilient 'shrooms. They survived the winter. How gross.


Skeeter's favorite part of spring is discovering all the toys and treats that got left outside and then buried under the snow. Seriously, his toy and chew-treat supply has doubled in the last few days.

Wyatt found some rocks that got into the grass over the winter. He sang the clean-up song as he threw them back in. What a sweetheart.

You would have laughed to hear the noise I made to get them all to look at me at the same time- it sounded like a moose call. Everyone came back in, got washed up and settled down to watch Handy Manny while mommy went to blog. And now I will nap!

We hope you are all well and happy. We are looking forward to several friends having cute new additions to their families soon, and we are thinking about and hoping the best for all of them! So each of you get out and get some fresh air, soak up some sunshine, make sure you drink lots of water, and be excellent to each other!

Love and yummy green-frosted St. Patty's day cookies,
M, L, W, J and S

There is one tiny thing I don't love about spring. *sigh* Thank heaven for the Clorox Ready Mop!


Angela said...

I am super excited about the weather too. A mom needs to have her daily outings or she will go crazy. I miss my walks I would do everyday before the snow came. :)
We should meet up at the park sometime and let our boys play. I can't believe that we have lived here for over a year and I still haven't seen you.

Diana and Brian said...

I am also thrilled that spring has arrived! Good for you for getting out and having a picnic already. I always love it when I get comments from you on my blog, it feels like someone else understands. It must be a healthcare thing. Did you know that healthcare workers are the in the top ten most obese occupations? We starve ourselves most of the day and then eat garbage because typically that is all that is available. Sorry for the long comment... you are the best Ms. Melody! Does spring ever remind you of our lovely days at Millcreek?

Marianne said...

Oh, the weather was so nice out here too. We just got back from the park. I needed that sunshine! (The forecast for Monday is snow.) Hope you got a nap!

Kirsten said...

I've started reading your blog and wanted to know if you wanted an invitation to mine. If you do just send me your email address... Such a cute family!

Erin said...

We've been enjoying the sunshine too! But when all my walking isn't bringing on any contractions, I feel more tired and just want to take a nap... :(

Amber said...

hahahahaha, "be excellent to each other." Oh, you have to love Bill & Ted.

And isn't the sunshine amazing? So funny that the day automatically is better because there's some sunshine in it.

Clinton and Jessica said...

such a beautiful day it was huh!!?? we enjoyed the park and were finally able to get our little beast of a dog to socialize with some people!! I can't wait for spring!! cute pictures!

Melinda said...

Yes, the weather has been perfect! We went for a family bike ride (Sammi in the bike trailer, although she did inform us that she would ride a 'real' bike when she grew up, thank heavens!). It felt wonderful! I just hope we don't plunge back down again, that just messes with my immune system. Sorry about your rough nights at work-I was just telling someone that if I could, I'd have my next child in Rexburg, my massage therapist is there and my favorite labor and delivery nurse works there ;-)

Tara said...

Everything sounds like it's going well at your house. Your kids are so cute and I miss you all so much!

Blauers said...

wow! Spring in Rexburg in March? amazing! Glad you took advantage of it. And I can't get over how cute your kids are!

Steph and Ty said...

I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the good weather on Friday!! I went for a walk that day with both the kids. It was nice but I was out of breath. Jeez...Winter really hit me hard.

Marianne said...

Lovely post, Mel! I am going to send you some pictures SOON. Soon...soon.... And I think I'm going to buy a Clorox Ready Mop. Right now.

Sadie said...

It is currently March 29th, strong winds and snowing!:( thats all i gotta say! Oh and I got the job yeah!