Friday, September 4, 2009

I am NOT lazy!

It just seems that way because I've updated my blog two whole times this summer. To be quite honest, there are about 73 household chores waiting to be done (74 if you count "wash sticky fingerprints off doorknobs" but really, that isn't a priority). However, they will still be there tomorrow, and I would rather do this! Since this blog is more or less my family's journal, maybe putting a new blog post up does in fact count as something I should be doing with the time I have here on earth. Yeah, let's go with that.

Here's some tidbits and pictures:

* Wyatt can now efficiently unlock doors, deadbolts, open gates and car doors, turn the hoses and faucets on and off, and climb up onto counters, toilets, and the dryer. He'll proudly tell you "My name is Wyatt An-erson!" He LOVES to watch Cars, and spends as much time as he possibly can between the wading pool and the new swing set (thanks again, Grammy and Grandpa!) Sorry there's no swing set pictures yet, Wyatt thought the camera needed a bath in the wading pool. Miraculously, it dried out and still works!

* Jana is crawling like crazy, and loves to play peek-a-boo. She has such a funny laugh, it makes me laugh even more, which in turn makes her laugh harder. Wyatt usually joins in the laughing, because who doesn't love to laugh? She has no teeth yet, and I really don't mind putting it off since she'll eat whatever is in front of her anyway (including dog food and pieces of paper).

* Lee is busy working hard. He did great in the Rush Triathlon in August, and we are glad to have him around more now that he's not training for anything (at the moment!).

* I am me, and I am fine. :)

Monica took some more pictures for us, I love when she does that! Jana was being cute and smiley, until we all got hosed down when Wyatt turned on the sprinklers. Oops.

It's really hard to get him both holding still AND smiling at the same time, so often we just settle for one or the other. I still think he's pretty darn cute.

When a fly gets in the house Skeeter chases it down and eats it, and it is extremely funny to witness. There's one in the window, and he's patiently waiting until it comes out again. Lee calls him Beast of Prey.

While I was putting Jana down for her nap the other day, Wyatt vanished. Here's where I found him- up on the bathroom counter, getting ready to brush his teeth.

I didn't interfere, I just watched to see what he would do. He got out the toothbrush, got it wet, put a little toothpaste on, brushed, spit, and rinsed.

Then he had a drink of water...

...and finished by washing his hands. I am SO pleased that my 2 year-old does these kinds of things!

Normally the ground next to the deck looks like this. Occasionally a weed will grow up between the rocks and I pull it, and we spray for weeds every so often. One little plant sprouted up that didn't look like the other weeds, so we let it be. After only 6 weeks... bloomed! Right in the middle of the rocks we had this volunteer sunflower pop up. It's HUGE (I put Skeeter in so you could see how big that sucka is).

Lee is excited to pull out the seeds so he can bake and eat them.

The garden is doing well this year too, I can't believe how tall the corn is.

Yahoo! Little pumpkins!

I think having a dog makes a family complete. Especially Skeeter.

We (well, I) am getting excited for fall to come soon, but we're loving that we can play outside sans jacket for a few more weeks. Hope you're all well and happy and enjoying the last bits of summer!


chelseyfaye said...

Such cute pictures of your cuties! And the funny!

I like Westy said...

Welcome back! You have the most darling kids! They look scrumptious. Keep it up.

Marianne said...

Ah, that's better. I was STARVING, you know. Give Wypee as many kisses from me as he'll tolerate!! And snuggle Jana for me!! And give yourself a doughnut, with my compliments. And tell Lee we think he's awesome.

That is all.

Diana said...

Look at all you fun going on's! I can't believe how bit Jana is getting and I love her hair. Very cute pictures of the kids and I can't believe the sunflower! Wow, that's beautiful!

Diana said...

I'm meant to say that Jana is getting big not bit - oops!

Karen said...

Those pictures are adorable! We should get Millie and Wyatt together soon. We could do a CARS date. Oh the fun they would have.

Taylor's said...

That sunflower is awesome! I bet it just made your day!

Melissa Durtschi said...

That was just awesome!!! Those pictures of are fantastic. I'm so glad that your camera still works !!! YAHOO!!! I love your sunflower but I love the pics of your kids and skeeter more...RIBBIT RIBBIT!!!

Amber said...

Wyatt, what a good little boy to brush your teeth! Logan does pretty good, too, but he realized if he pushes his hand up against the faucet, water will spray EVERYWHERE.

Again, I love those pictures Monica took!!

Blauers said...

I can't believe how cute your kids are, and I love their outfits that you took pictures of them in! Looks like you guys are having fun!

Tara said...

How did jana get so big so fast? It makes me so sad to miss out on the growing up. miss you!

Melinda said...

Have you ever read the Eric Carle story, "Slowly, slowly, slowly said the Sloth"? Your title reminded me of that. I LOVE Jana's hair!! What a cool sunflower too. We've been seeing free puppies around town and at the state fair and Sammi loves them and I sigh and say "someday", we have a cat who's really awesome, but he's getting too old to chase spiders and flies (or at least less inclined to do so). And Sam loves to brush her teeth too, her daycare teacher has the kids bring a tooth brush and toothpaste because evidently at this age, some of them develop pretty nasty breath (especially after nap) and the other day Sam came home and told us "At school, I can brush my teeth a MILLION times!" We've got to get her and your kids together some time, I think they'd have a blast.

amanda said...

love those colors on your kids super cute.