Sunday, September 20, 2009

SO ready for Fall!

I confess, I am a wallpaper addict. People who work with me regularly notice that I change the desktop wallpapers almost every single night I work. I came across this one earlier this week, and it has lasted on my home desktop for several days (a record for me!). I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes, and always appreciated that Calvin was eternally childlike, looking for adventure and a fun time , while also eternally childish- unable to see the reason to learn or change who he already is. I'm probably a lot more like that than I'm willing to admit!

This picture reminded me of my own childhood, though. The seasons didn't race by like they do now- instead it passed in just the right amount of time. I have so many wonderful memories of raking, jumping in leaf piles, decorating for Halloween, deciding on costumes, canning apricots and tomatoes, walking to school in the crisp morning air, driving up the canyon to see the leaves change- I love autumn and everything about it. But for some reason this picture struck me as a tiny reminder to be more in the moment- life happens every day, and if I'm not careful, I'll miss it. Years from now I want to look back on the special times I had with my little family and the Fall traditions we created, so that when they see a picture like this, they recall happy memories too!

Oh, and did I mention pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?


Diana said...

What you say is so true, the seasons do seem to race past so quickly. I'm wondering how I got to the end of September when the last thing I remember is January. I love fall too with all the wonderful traditions that come with the change of season.

Laura said...

ooh! I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Almost as much as I love fall!

Marianne said...


Lainie said...

YUM!!! I used to read Calvin & Hobbes too. It has been WAY too long since I picked up one of their books. You've inspired me, Melody! I definitely need to live more in the moment. And YES, I LOOOOOOOve pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. MISS YOU!

PS I love the pix of Jana and Wyatt! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

monica said...

i love fall too, and i love our annual pictures ( don't you love that we have created a tradition for ourselves?) they are coming up fast, hope your leaves turn pretty colors so we can take lots of cute pictures!
PS- your word verification just made me type "flogats"... I am sitting here laughing to myself. Aahh flogats! That will be my first time typing flogats, ever!

Melinda said...

I even found a recipe for eggless pumpkin chocolate chip cookies....out of desperation, I was craving them on a late Sunday night and had no eggs....thank goodness for!! I love your blog back drop too btw