Saturday, September 12, 2009


Honest truth, I had this conversation yesterday:

Mom: Wyatt, it's time for dinner!

Wyatt: Wanna do the dishes?

Mom: We're all done doing dishes, honey. Right now it's time to eat dinner.

Wyatt: Do the dishes?

Mom: Not right now. We can do dishes later, ok?

Wyatt (casting himself dramatically on the ground): DISHES! (starts to sob)

Mom: No tantrums, Wyatt. Do you need to go to time out?

Wyatt (jumping up and tearing down the hall at top speed): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

*thump!* (on the floor again)

And from all the way down the hall I hear the occasional:


"I wanna do the dishes..."


I guess I better relish that argument, for it is surely the ONLY time in my life I will have it with my son!


Sadie said...

Dang girl you teach your kids right! I hope my kids freak out when they don't get to do the dishes!

tiff snedaker said...

LOL. I'd love it if Chan would throw himself on the floor to do the dishes. That's really cute.

Marianne said...

JJ doesn't want to do the dishes, but he frequently lets me know when I should do them. "Mom, when I am done eating, you can put my plate and cup in the dish washer laundry machine." (He told me this yesterday.) Or my favorite: "OH NOOOO! Mom, you forgot to do the dishes again!!!"

I am ready to throw all of the dishes out the window and start using paper plates.

Marianne said...

The other day Isaac was throwing a fit, and Dennis said, "Isaac, you're not doing it right! You have to fling yourself on the floor like Wyatt does!" Isaac left the room, his tantrum ego completely deflated.

Buy that boy a toy kitchen!!

Steph and Ty said...

I have had the "wanna do dishes" tantum in my home several times. Priceless.

Karen said...

When you run out of dirty dishes for him there will ALWAYS be some here that he can help with! Good ole Wyatt...we knew we liked you!

Melinda said...

Samantha told us recently that when she is bigger, she will be able to do the dishes all by herself. I asked if I could record her saying that and she said yes, but I still need to do it.